A sustainability mindset for your business can help you think about how to make sustainability changes and decisions. This mindset will follow you everywhere once you start cultivating it. Develop the mindset at any time, whether you’re brand new to sustainability or a seasoned veteran. Creating a mindset involves looking and learning at what is around you.

In creating a sustainability mindset, you will gather ideas to apply to your business. Once you’ve applied it to your business, you will start to see ways to save money or engage employees. A sustainable mindset feeds your business and helps grow your bottom line.

Read on for how to develop this skill:

Know the Buzzwords

“Green.” “Eco-Friendly.” “Organic.” These are indicators that what you are looking at, buying or selecting or targeting someone that cares about the environment. What about this item makes it a target for someone interested in sustainability?

Start looking for these words as indicators of sustainability. Do you see these words more? Is there a price markup associated with them? What feeling or association is the manufacturer trying to sell with this indicator?

Follow Competitors

Check out what your competitors are doing about sustainability. Is the pizza place down the street planting an herb garden? Are they advertising how they reduce water? Often, the work of those around us sticks in our brain, especially if we are in competition with them. Find out what your competition is doing to see if you can implement something similar, and to get you fired up to make changes of your own.

This puts you in the sustainability mindset because each change they make will get you thinking about what you can do.

Learn from Others

Get an idea of the best practices in your area. Are a lot of businesses focused on water reduction? Did recycling come up at a city council meeting? Look and take photos of what businesses, schools and churches in your area are doing about sustainability.

Look out for signs or advertisements of businesses in your area that are focused on environmentally sustainable. I bet there are eco-friendly dry cleaners or cleaning companies around. Next time you see that, ask the owner what the rationale is.

Learning from others can also mean googling or doing research on your own. Finding an interest area and learning more about it can help broaden your mindset. If you see something and you aren’t sure what it is, google it.

How to Create A Sustainability Mindset

Make it Relevant to Your Business

Link what you’re seeing back to your business or personal life. Increased recycling and trash pickup by the city council benefits your business and home because it keeps trash off the street. This makes your business more appealing to customers.

How does what you see affect your daily business life? If the eco cleaners are more expensive to buy, should you stock them if you own a consumer-facing company? Or if you need cleaners in your restaurant, how would paying more for a product affect your bottom line.

Talk and Share with Others

If you’ve been trying to learn more about sustainability or get into a mindset of why it’s important, consider finding a group or forum to discuss this with.

Try bringing it up in a business association you’re a member of or a business Facebook group. Ask the group about best practices or what they’ve seen around town in the sustainability space.

Another forum to discuss sustainability is with employees. Employees often have their own personal experiences with the environment to bring or have seen practices in other companies or they act in their own life.

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