Decades ago business ran at incredible rates of speed with little to no regard for the environment. The damage that was done during those years and still goes on in certain countries is immense. The disregard for emissions limits in some countries makes it dangerous to even breathe the air in. The consumer has become as informed as ever so people are letting their money do the talking. BP can tell you that one disaster that destroys the environment can cripple a business for years to come. The fact that BP’s oil spill was historically bad makes it nearly impossible for them to come back to the positive side of public image. The following are how environmentally friendly companies can actually leverage their good deeds into more sales and profits.

Let Consumers Know If Prices Go Up Due to Using Ecofriendly Tactics

The ecofriendly way is not always the cheapest way when it comes to producing certain products or materials. Pointing out that your competitor although a bit cheaper uses outsourced labor or inferior parts should be done subtly. Quality tests by an independent agency can allow you to show that in fact your product is better and better for the environment. Replacing a part or a process to help save the environment is something that people are willing to pay extra for. Highlighting these changes when advertising or marketing is important as consumers cannot support you if they do not know what you have changed. The monthly or weekly newsletter is a great place to highlight the changes that are being made. This not only will look less advertorial than just writing about new products but it can also help engage customers that did not realize the environmental conscious of the company.

Initiate a Staff Eco Challenge

Initiating some kind of staff eco-challenge can be a great way to allow the staff to have a good time while bonding. Things like having reusable water cups might seem like a small tweak but it can make a huge difference. There are people who constantly go to the water dispenser only to use another cup, throwing it out immediately. Even something as little as trying to reduce the amount of paper used daily can have a huge impact. Most contracts are hosted online as well as on paper so this is not a disadvantage at all. Encouraging coworkers to carpool is another great idea that will help staff save money as well as reduce their carbon footprint. The presence of mind to make the more environmentally friendly choice is what needs to be instilled in the minds of the staff.

Renewable Energy is the Best Kind in the Eyes of the Public

In a recent Forbes Interview, Tom Cummins, the CEO of American Power and gas suggested “New research and information has influenced the minds of the U.S. market and we have seen a dramatic increase on people that are asking for green energy.” Consumers know that green energy is going to end up helping the environment and also saving them money. Using things such as energy efficient light bulbs, or switching to solar generated power supplies may prove to be expensive in the short term, but over time would result in massive savings on an energy bill––and virtually produces no waste. There are plenty of government programs that assist with the purchase of solar panels so costs can be reimbursed. The fact that over time the savings will pay for the solar panels makes this a winning situation for all. The future will yield far more opportunities for renewable energy so keeping an eye on new innovations is a must.

The community around a business takes notice of the different things that they are sponsoring in a local area. Sponsoring a cleanup of some kind whether it is in a park or around a lack is not only great PR but local news or radio can give extra exposure to a company. Providing lunch for those who volunteer to help can boost customer loyalty as well as bring in leads for new business. Getting other businesses involved also allows you to make relationships that can be leveraged in the future. The best types of relationships are those with companies that are regarded favorably by the public as well as are profitable for both parties. A monthly or quarterly cleanup will keep you in the minds of the public and will do legitimate good work for the environment.

The world of business has changed immensely as before it was all about making money but now it is how you made your money with respect to the environment and community around you. Leverage this by instituting policies that you can be proud of even if profits take a small hit, the new customers it will attract will more than make up for this.