The workplace or business environment is a place where there is always going to be excess waste, either as a result of paperwork, manufacturing, production or other business activities. When this waste accumulates it can emerge as a serious issue for the organization. It eats up space, encourages friction, costs money to remove and may even lead to disease and ill health. As bad and unacceptable as the negative impacts of waste can be, however, there is a way to properly manage it so that the workplace can experience limited mess. Here are four very creative ways to recycle or reduce waste in the workplace through a strategic site clearance:

Reducing Workplace Waste: Innovative Ideas for 2013

  • Order Office Items in Bulk Quantities: These are two of the major aspects that cause the amount of waste in the workplace to soar beyond expectation. To prevent this, the first thing is to create a waste discouraging guideline for packaging and purchasing within the office. When ordering requisite supplies it is better to ask for items in bulk rather than purchasing them in small quantities. This will also help to reduce the amount of waste that is generated by the packaging and shipment materials and contribute towards a more prosperous environment.
  • Adopt a Minimalist Approach to Packaging: There is also an opportunity for you to reduce waste when you order sustainable and environmentally responsible materials. You can also reduce waste by demanding that your supplies be delivered in reusable containers that have the potential to be recycled. If you must use packaging then ensure that it is lightweight and minimalist, so that excess material can be spared. When sending packaging to branches you can make use of reusable boxes and mail bags, while wooden pallets and spools should also be reused and repaired whenever possible.
  • Capitalize on Electronic Communication: Another thing that causes too much waste in the workplace is paperwork and printing materials. So when making photocopies there is nothing wrong with utilizing double-sided copies, as this can help to reduce the amount of plain paper used. If you have to share a message with your colleagues then why not have all memos, reports and documents circulated from one person to the other instead of printing individual copies? Save all the important documents on the computer as electronic files rather than printing hard copies where possible, and proofread every item carefully in instances where printing is required.
  • Manage Equipment Efficiently: Equipment in the office also causes plenty of waste when it is not properly managed. There are many ways for you to recycle, reuse or manage the waste that office equipment produce. One way to do this is to make use of office equipment that has been remanufactured or invest in equipment of high quality and durability that prevent waste. You should also look to educate your workers on how to treat office equipment so that its performance can be optimized, both in terms of energy efficiency and longevity. When the time finally comes to remove unwanted commercial equipment, then be sure to use a sustainable and environmentally aware office clearance firm.