Earth day is right around the corner: How is your company planning to celebrate? Every year, Earth Day brings forward a renewed, world-wide focus on the environment, good energy practices, and recycling. But many companies struggle with how they can get involved! The good news is that it is easier than ever to make a change and have a positive impact on the environment. Read on for three ways to get involved in Earth Day 2013 to make a difference:

Review your company’s energy practices

Even if you don’t have the best record of green company practices, taking on one or two simple challenges can have a huge impact. Use a resource like Fast Company’s 50 Ways to Green Your Business to choose a few changes you can make this month, and slowly add more as you gain your footing. Homes, schools, and businesses alike can all make single, simple changes that can have a powerful combined effect.

Get involved in your community

Turn your theories into action: commit to getting involved in an Earth Day activity by visiting the Earth Day Network website to locate local events to show your support for Earth Day. Individuals, families, and companies can register to get involved in photo campaigns, digital mosaics, and in-person recycling events in your region, contributing not only to an exciting Earth Day but also to building community and extending your network of energy-conscious peers.

Host An Electronics Collection Event

What better way to show your support for good recycling practices than to host your own electronics collection event? Many businesses are realizing the benefits of hosting electronics collection events for their employees or their communities. By providing an easy way for people to safely dispose of their unwanted electronics, you can promote your environmental initiative and boost company morale. Download MPC-e’s free guide, “7 Steps to Host a Successful Electronics Collection Event” to get started planning your event today!