Grab Your Last Opportunity to Go Green with Solar Power

The most effective marketing strategies often include the promotion of a green initiative. Companies who do so gain the benefit of excellent public relations opportunities, connections with various organizations, which promote environmentally friend businesses and a stronger culture within the company. In spite of these excellent reasons to use green technology, such as solar power, cost is always a major consideration.

Changing Federal Policy

The last few years has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of tax credits for solar energy. Many people anticipate that one of the most successful credits will expire at the end of 2012, slowing the solar industry substantially. However, this will apply to solar products for individual tax payers. Corporations will maintain their 30% tax credit for solar energy until December 31, 2016.

This additional 4 years does not mean that companies should not act now. In many instances, there is a long process of adding a large-scale solar solution. Even if the business only requires a smaller product, there are many city, regional and state incentives available that may expire soon. These expirations are the result of economic hardships at every level of government, and they may not be reinstated for many years.

Justifying Costs

The tremendous marketing and relations opportunities generated from green initiatives make even a zero-sum implementation of solar power invaluable. However, taking advantage of the newest solar technology, in combination with the 30% federal tax credit and other government incentives, will translate into a system that pays for itself in a few years, as opposed to a few decades.

In the case of property, there is also the resale value to consider. Solar power will offer equal benefits to future owners, improving the growth of corporate property value. Polling numbers consistently suggest that environmental concerns are becoming more important globally, amplifying the growth of equity in the property. In the case of larger solutions, this can dramatically reduce the break-even point of solar power.

Navigating the Implementation of a Solar Solution

Regardless of the size of a business, solar can provide a host of benefits. However, smaller corporations do not have the resources to wade through the process of purchasing and installing a solar product or applying for incentives. For this purpose, environmental or ‘green’ consultants can provide assistance throughout the process. They help companies find the best solution in solar and other environmentally friendly technologies, while keeping costs and marketing goals in mind. Most companies who offer solar products typically have such a representative on staff, or can direct customers to one.

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