Tens of thousands of businesses are finally going paperless. There are several reasons why going paperless is such a good idea.

Reducing paper filing, saving money and spending less are just a few of the lucrative reasons to go paperless. What follows are seven of the top reasons why businesses are choosing to go paperless.


There are a large number of companies that offer discounts and rewards for going paperless. Some popular incentives are cash back on all purchases and contest drawings.

Banks and top providers are the entities behind the incentives and contest drawings that are provided to businesses that go completely paperless.

Accessing Information Quickly

With traditional methods, accessing information can take ages. Digging through file cabinets and mountains of documents can prove to be quite a challenge.

By using a paperless document management system, businesses can access information instantly. All files can be stored inside of a single location, and with the click of a mouse, these files can be accessed instantly.

Once a business goes paperless, they gain the ability access important information and documents instantly. Vital information is stored in a single, secure location that is accessible from almost anywhere.

Avoiding Theft

By going paperless, a business can greatly deter theft. Statements that contain sensitive information will no longer sit inside of a mailbox. Once paperless, statements and other sensitive documents will not even be sent to a mailbox.

Criminals will have no chance to steal these important documents. Once a business is paperless, all statements and documents will be sent to an email account. Usernames and passwords provide a much more enhanced level of security than a standard mailbox.

Professional Customer Service

Imagine a customer requesting a document that is many years old. The typical company response for this request would be hours or even days. If that same document could potentially be sent through email in a matter of minutes, customer service would be solid. A paperless office gives a business that ability to access all customer information and documents instantly.

Recovering From Disaster

For most businesses, the topic of disaster recovery is hard. However, each day, many businesses are completely destroyed by a fire or another natural disaster. A paperless office gives businesses the ability to store vital documents online.

Handling the Government

All businesses must go through IRS audits. With all of the regulations imposed by the government, it’s important for a business to have all documents in a searchable database. A paperless business will have access to all of the documents that are needed for an IRS audit or other government process.

Simplifying Processes

A paperless document management system gives a business the ability to simplify processes. With just a click of a mouse, important data can be transferred and managed. A paperless business allows for easy task authorization, and all business processes will run much more smoothly.