We’re happy that email marketing is naturally green. On the other hand, almost 10,000 pieces of postal mail advertisements are printed, shipped, delivered and disposed of every 3 seconds just in the U.S.

Email marketing is already a step in the right direction for helping our planet. This Earth Day, we wanted to go over some more ways you can make your business and marketing more eco-friendly.

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1. Ditch the Paper Notepad

If you’re at a conference, on a call, in a meeting, etc. you’ll want to take notes. And luckily, it’s easy to take notes electronically now. Besides the handy Notepad app that comes with every computer, there’s a mobile app called EverNote that lets you easily take and share notes on the go.

2. Download Green Apps

And EverNote isn’t the only app that will help your greening efforts. There are others that are geared specifically for helping you improve your everyday life. For example:
Good Guide – Let’s you search for green products in your area
My Carbon Footprint – Shows how your everyday choices impact the world, and offers tips, badges and sharing options to make it fun

Check out some more here!

3. Make it a Game

A great way to go green and get your audience engaged is to create a game. The My Carbon Footprint app mentioned is a great tool for that, but you can try other things as well. For example, ask Facebook fans to submit what they’re doing to be green and offer a prize for the winner.

4. Use Natural Products

Purchase non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners and eco-friendly office supplies as well. Natural products are not only better for the environment, but for your body as well.

And some tips from around our office…

5. Recycle

At first glance, this sounds like an easy one. But hold up. Are you recycling things properly? For example, our local recycling takes care of aluminum cans, but not the plastic containers our lunches come in. We have to take care of that separately. Batteries also need to be recycled separately.

6. Offer Washable Cups

Disposable cups are incredibly wasteful. Use water bottles or coffee mugs instead.

7. Bring in the Plants

Plants not only look great, they help absorb indoor pollutants. Some low-maintenance plants include the Areca palm, English ivy and the Spider plant.

How Does This Help Me Market My Business?

People like a company with personality. If you establish your brand as the company that wants to help the planet, that will be memorable. So while you work on making your business a green one, make sure you let subscribers and followers know about what you’re doing.

This will allow your audience to:

  • Share what you’re doing with others
  • Ask you questions and start conversations about your efforts
  • Feel good about the product you’re offering

A green business can provide an all-around positive user experience that brings back repeat customers.

Do You Have Green Tips?

Please share what you’re doing to help the environment!

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