5 Ways to Make Your Office Green and Save Money Doing ItMost people are well-aware of the benefits of energy conservation in regards to helping the environment, but did you know that spending the extra bucks to go green can actually save you money?

Electricity prices have skyrocketed in the recent years and one thing is fairly certain, they aren’t coming down any time soon. Some may realize that upgrading your office to be more energy efficient will pay off in the long run, but don’t feel it is worth it to spend the extra money up front.  However, by pushing for a greener office you’ll be eligible for compensation in the short term by way of tax breaks. And, if you do your research, the “long run” might not be that far away. Listed in this article are cost-efficient ways to make your workplace greener.

Building Improvements

A large chunk of energy expenses have go towards cooling or heating your office. Replacing your windows with weather-proof ones that trap inside air within the building will show an instant savings on your energy bill. If you don’t have the money to completely replace your windows, weatherproofing existing ones by adding weather-proof strips or caulk to the current frames is a great, low cost option. Both routes will help you save year-round, on cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Another step you can take to make your office more energy efficient is to upgrade your existing lights. LED lighting technology has become more prevalent in the past decade and many newer office buildings are opting to install LED lights instead of fluorescent lights. LEDs are about 50% more energy-efficient than fluorescent bulbs. Not to mention they are also brighter and turn on instantly. Exchanging fluorescents for this new technology is a simple, long-term solution that any office can do.

Upgrade to Green Appliances

A great way to reduce energy costs is by purchasing energy-efficient electronics and appliances. With the Energy Star rating system, it has become easy to determine which items are more efficient than others. As with most energy-saving efforts, most of these cost more upfront. EPA estimates that the average price premium for Energy Star-labeled refrigerator is only about $30, and the cost savings of $165 versus a non-qualified appliance over its life makes it well worth the price.

Replace In-house Servers for Cloud Storage

Much has been talked about in the “cloud” technology realm in the past few years because of its convenience.  But another reason to use the cloud is for its greenness. Instead of having an entire room devoted to storing and cooling your in-house server, implementing a service like Rackspace or GoDaddy to store your files can be much more cost and energy efficient.

Convert Paper Processes to Electronic

The Internet has shifted many types of communication from paper to electronic format due to the convenience of email.  However, there are a few forms of electronic communication that are just now hitting the mainstream.

Even More Reasons…

In addition to all of these money saving, environmentally friendly initiatives, there are even more reasons for your office to “go green.” The government will give you tax credits and deductions for investments in these technologies. Energy efficient commercial buildings can receive a tax reduction of up to $1.80 per square foot depending on the technology used and the amount of energy reduction. Moreover, in certain states there isn’t even sales tax on the energy efficient products you buy. So basically, it would be irresponsible for your office not to take the steps in order to be environmentally friendly; both for the future of the planet and for your businesses bottom-line.