If your organization hasn’t started taking steps to become more eco-friendly,  it’s high time to take on the challenge. Going green and taking steps to reduce waste can be a great way to become more efficient which can translate to saving your business money. There is much that needs to be done in order to ensure that we are doing our part for future generations.

The following are 5 eco-friendly practices that can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and save your business money:

The Paperless Movement

We live in a digital world. Much of the media we consume, and the information we receive is digital, making it very possible to reduce the amount of actual paper a company uses. There are many ways to go about moving towards a paperless office and it typically starts with a can-do mindset.

First, you’ll want to make sure that everyone within your organization understands the effort you are trying to make and why these initiatives are important. For printing waste, implementation and regulation of minimizing the amount of prints being made should be handled in a manner that is appropriate to your company. Typically, friendly company email reminders can go a long way to reinforce your messaging and remind employees about your printing recycling and waste reduction programs. With a goal of drastically reducing the amount of paper used and recycling all paper products, you can proactively take steps to save money and reduce waste.


Get Involved with a Local Electronics Recycling Program

Getting involved with a local electronics recycling program will also help reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and is a great way to show your business cares. Recycling your used electronics will not only provide materials that can be reused to build or repair other electronics, but can also help the economy. Taking advantage of these resources can in effect, create more jobs for people as well as protect the environment. To learn more about electronic recycling programs, be sure to visit http://dellreconnect.com/.

Support Like-Minded Companies

It’s always a good idea to network with other organizations that have similar values and are willing to make the same kinds of changes you are. Many companies and organizations are already taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and increase efficiency simultaneously. Utilizing services from companies who are also environmentally conscious, guarantees your supply chain on the whole is benefiting the environment.

Be Wise with your Waste

The greatest changes can sometimes come with the least amount of effort. One quick way to reduce office waste is to make the initial investment of reusable cups, plates and silverware. This can significantly reduce the paper and plastic waste from employee lunches and meals.  Be sure to keep recycling bins next to all the garbage cans making it convenient for employees to recycle. Keeping a recycling bin next to all office copiers, fax machines and mail rooms makes recycling excess and accidental copies breeze. Using images and signs that clearly explain what recyclables go in which bin helps eliminate confusion. You may even want to consider putting a small compost bin in your lunch room or cafeteria.


Waste can also be related to your utilities. Use surge protectors as much as possible so that your electronics are protected but also so no electronic devices are needlessly using energy. Make sure all heating and cooling units are set appropriately to only run during business hours and that the last person to leave the office is responsible for turning off the lights.

Purchase Refurbished and Used Electronics

Purchasing refurbished laptops, desktops and servers can bring significant savings to any organization. In some cases it’s likely you’ll see a savings of upwards of 50 to 70% for products that have been lightly used.  In many cases the only thing that deems a product “refurbished” is that it’s been taken out of its original box. Because of consumer laws, manufacturers are restricted in selling anything that doesn’t have its original factory seal. These products also undergo extensive testing and has to meet specifications before being resold.

There are many ways to become a more eco-friendly business. Make sure you and your organization understands the options that are available and become aware of not only what is needed but what can actually make a difference in your environment.

Please chime in with a comment and let us know what Eco-friendly initiatives your company is currently implementing?