Discussing environmentally friendly options with your builder is the best way to develop an understanding of what is possible, for the house design you have selected. Society has never been more concerned with creating a sustainable future and so there have never been so many options available for making your home more environmentally friendly. Whether you are looking to do something small, such as planting more trees in your new yard or want to do something on a larger scale, like use recycled materials in the building process, the possibilities are endless.

Solar Power

Not only will installing solar power be great for the environment, but it will also be great for your budget. While there are initial costs when installing solar panels onto your new home, the savings that you will receive on your electricity bill will more than make up for the price. While other alternative energy designs, such as wind power systems, can take up a large area, solar panels can be installed directly onto your roof, during the building process, making them convenient and eco-friendly.

Environmentally Friendly Paint

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when creating an environmentally friendly home, using eco-friendly paint is a great way to begin offsetting your environmental footprint. A number of companies now make paints that do not contain polymeric compounds and, are instead, filled with organic compounds derived from plant extracts.

Recycled & Lasting Materials

We often use recycled products for many things in our daily lives, so why not the construction of our houses? During the construction phase, recycled lumber can often be used for studs, while recycled materials can be used for insulating walls and roofs. If you are uncertain about using recycled lumber for the construction of your house, using lasting products can also prove to be eco-friendly, as they will not turn into waste that goes into landfills. Products that will endure the tests of time include cement, stone and brick.

Water Tanks

With many areas of Australia being prone to drought conditions, home owners have opted to install water tanks, to preserve this precious resource and conserve as much water as possible. If you choose to install water tanks on your property, home builders may also suggest the installation of other water conservation products, such as low flow fixtures which will restrict household water consumption, making your new home even more environmentally friendly.

Lighting Fixtures

While incandescent lighting has been a popular choice in past years, LED lighting is now becoming a smart alternative, using only a fraction of the energy of incandescent light bulbs. While LED lights still create a bright atmosphere, you are greatly reducing your energy consumption, in turn helping the environment and your cheque book.