Image credit: love2upcyling.blogspot.com

Some consider upcycling just a passing fad, but we hope this trend is here to stay – and why wouldn’t it? It’s a practice of turning things people would throw away into something beautiful and useful. It’s an improved form of recycling that, instead of breaking down the materials, uses them in their original form, giving them a new purpose and a much better quality.

As it has become insanely popular, entrepreneurs throughout the world are setting up upcycling businesses. These business ideas are usually divided into 3 groups: creating upcycled products, reselling them and collecting materials that will be used for future upcycling. Both freelances and big shots in the business world are equally acknowledging the upcycling benefits.

Let’s see the main pros of the upcycling businesses that will inspire you to set up your own.

#1 It’s good for the environment

Upcycling is a great green practice for several reasons: there’s less trash in landfills, the air and water pollution are reduced and last, but not the least important – it sets an example for the others.  It raises the environmental awareness, teaches us about green living, inspiring us to venture into upcycling – with or without significant financial benefits. These green ideas spread quickly to the large companies as well.

“Zero waste” is one of the latest practices in manufacture, deriving from the idea of sending “zero” amount of waste to landfill. These are all great news for the environment as all branches of industry are making a special effort to lower the consumption of raw materials.

#2 You can make money from trash

Let’s be honest – financial benefit is probably the main motivation for most people who are into upcycling. When we say “financial benefit”, we don’t think of nickels and dimes, but serious money.

Companies are buying waste at low cost, using it to create products and sell them at extremely high prices, because of their aesthetic and environmental value. Even if they don’t upcycle, they can earn a lot just by selling their trash instead of paying someone to take it to a landfill.

Not only large companies enjoy these upcycling benefits. Artists and craftsmen can earn huge profits by “turning trash into treasure” while they pay next to nothing for their materials.

#3 It boosts one`s creativity

Creative work brings great joy – what’s better than immersing yourself in a fun hobby that can bring you some money as well? When it comes to creativity in upcycling, only the sky’s the limit. If you lack inspiration, you can always look at some upcycling ideas on the internet. After a while, your own, unique ideas will start popping into your head and don’t be afraid to turn them into a reality. They vary from quite simple ones such as repurposing CD holder into bagel storage to creating jewelry from zippers. This creative aspect and the fact that anything is possible is one of the greatest upcycling benefits.

#4 You get to keep the objects you love

If you’re a kind of person who feels nostalgic and don’t want to throw your old items to trash – you may turn into a real hoarder. Upcycling is a practice that solves this problem – you get to keep your precious items by increasing their practical value and creating something you actually need. This way, your favorite trinket will be actually used instead of gathering dust somewhere in the attic.

We realize that it may not be practical or easy to turn every single item into something entirely different. However, if nothing else – you can repair and refurbish them and make them functional again, instead of wasting money on buying another, completely identical item.

#5 You get to be your own boss

Many big businesses have picked up the idea of upcycling, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have your own, small green business.  That way, you can enjoy both the upcycling benefits and pros of a freelance, work-from-home job: freedom and flexibility. Although it can be quite challenging, being your own boss has innumerable benefits.

No more bosses – you do what you want, where you want and when you want. Most individuals who are into upcycling are creating products and selling them online via websites such as ArtFire.com and Etsy.com. Visit them and uncover a real treasury of wonderful products crafted from things you would otherwise consider a trash.

Let these handicrafts inspire you and try to create some of your own!