Operating without electricity is virtually impossible for small businesses in today’s modern world. While electricity is certainly necessary, there are ways to lower your consumption and ultimately lower your electricity overhead expenses. If you are tired of opening your utility bill just to find that your invoice has risen once again, here are some cost-cutting tips to consider so that you can conserve energy and cut costs as the same time.

Find Out Where You Can Save by Conducting an Energy Audit

It is difficult to save money when you are not sure where the money is going. By conducting an energy audit, you can identify how much energy you are using when the office is open and when it is not. You can also find out where a majority of the energy is being used. After reviewing your statement, you can develop an energy plan on where you can reduce consumption and what steps you will take to cut down usage.

Most utilities companies offer free evaluations to businesses on where energy usage can be reduced. The electric company will send an expert to your site, and help you find legitimate ways to save. This single visit can save you money all year long if you implement the changes recommended.

Switch Provider

Just because you have been with your current electricity provider for years, doesn’t mean you should stay with them forever. If you are paying more than you could be, then switch providers. There are plenty of website where you can compare plans, like this service in the UK. The point is: loyalty probably won’t pay. Switching is generally a very easy and quick win for your cost-cutting strategy.

Take Advantage of

Tax Credits and Buy Efficient Equipment

If you have older equipment, it might be raising your electric bill. The government, in an effort to reduce consumption, is offering small business owners tax credits and financing to invest in more efficient appliances and equipment. You can reduce your tax obligations and reduce your energy consumption at the same time if you get on board and participate in programs like the Federal Energy Star initiative. If you cannot pay for equipment out-of-pocket, the Small Business Association offers different loan programs, grants, and assistance.

Invest in Fluorescent Bulbs

Are you lighting your office with old, inefficient bulbs? One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce energy costs during business hours is to have fluorescent bulbs installed. While you may have to pay for the fixtures and the bulbs initially, you will spend about 75% less on lighting your office every month.

Make Sure to Program Your Thermostat

You want your employees to feel comfortable all day long while in the office. While you will need to keep the heat and air on during cold and hot months, you do not have to keep these systems running full force all night. Invest in a programmable thermostat, create settings for the weekdays and the weekends, and train your employees how to set the thermostat before leaving the office.In an effort to save money, you are also showing that your business believes in going “green”. Market your efforts and you may even attract environmentally-conscious clients who are looking to do business with a company that is concerned with the environment. Keep these tips in mind, reduce your consumption, lower your bills, and market your efforts or your printed materials to attract savvy consumers who prefer to do business with green companies.