While big green initiatives in most corporate firms come from the upper echelon of management, it’s the company’s employees who can make the real difference. Plenty of ways allows them to make their office space more planet-friendly without making sweeping changes that require considerable effort, so today we’re going to concentrate on the most important things  that will get you started on the green path.

green office

Note: Know that once you are hooked to a greener lifestyle, you will soon realize the many benefits it holds.

Reduce carbon emissions

Creating a more eco-friendly office starts with the way most of the office employees commute to work each morning. Instead of driving alone in your gas-guzzling SUV, shift over to a carpooling system with your office buddies. It sure is bound to be a lot more fun when you are stuck in that dreaded rush hour gridlock! If you do not live too far off from the office, use a bicycle to commute. Not only is it healthy for the planet, but also for your heart!

A tasty sip of organic coffee

Have you heard of fair-trade, organic coffee? No, it is not a gimmick designed to siphon away your hard-earned cash. The process of making coffee involves plenty of steps that are not really all that great for the planet’s wellbeing. Organic coffee though is processed with least damage to the environment and is grown without causing damage to rainforests. To top it all off, it tastes a whole lot better than regular coffee…

Let there be light!

There is a reason why most of the world goes to work during the day! There is no substitute to the ambiance provided by natural sunlight. Push those heavy drapes aside and fold up those blinds to let some of that light in. This automatically ensures you rely less on artificial lighting and instantly save up on precious energy.

You have read this millions of times before at the end of almost every mail. Yet, most people tend to print out documents injudiciously and often, when there is absolutely no necessity to do so. You must have heard of cloud-based technological advances and surely it is not that hard to save up those files on Google Drive and present them at your next meeting. Remember that this will also make you a lot more tech savvy and cool than if you happen to hand out boring old files!

Reduce and reuse

It is not just enough to equip the office with a recycle bin. Reduce on the consumption of office supplies and reuse whenever possible. How many times have you just crumbled and thrown a paper away after scribbling barely a few lines on it? Even if it is eco-friendly recycled paper, do not punish the poor thing for your lack of ideas. And if we’re talking about ideas, you should know that every day items can be turned into furniture that will become your office’s focal point, and enhance it with style.

Smart insulation and natural ventilation

Try not to go over the top with the cooling and heating needs in the office. You often find offices that are too chilly on a hot summer day because no one wants to turn down the cooling! A building with good natural insulation and proper ventilation eases the pressure on your heating systems.

Clean with a green glint!

Switching over to green cleaning products is an easy change to incorporate. If you happen to make be in a position where you can make the decision regarding the cleaning services employed by your office, then opt for an eco-friendly service.

Cutting down on the power bills

Modern technology offers plenty of energy-saving gadgets that will ensure that you never have to worry about switching off everything before leaving the building. Intuitive building management systems and light controllers make this task all the more easier. An added bonus that comes along with reduced energy consumption is the dough that you save on the power bills.

A hint of natural freshness

Plants go a long way in giving your office a fabulous green makeover. Just pace a few potted plants in the office and you will instantly notice the change in the ambiance of the space. A perfect way to instantly add freshness to the indoors!

Encourage a greener lifestyle!

Encourage the office employees to imbibe an eco-friendly lifestyle that extends beyond the office. Like everything else in life, it is a lot easier to go green when it becomes an organic part of your life and not a forced change relegated to one little aspect of it. While switching over to a planet-friendly office environment might seem a touch challenging initially, you will soon realize that it is a whole lot of fun. Get started today!

** Image courtesy of The Oregon Herald