Sharing Your Experiences is your ticket to gaining influence in a crowded world.

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There is a big change occurring on social media platforms. I feel like we are going back to the early days of social, 2005-2009. People are once again discovering the benefits of social media. Many people who have tried building relationships on social media have given up. They do not see the benefit and frankly they probably are not a good fit for these type of platforms. I know, I’ve had this thought many times in the past and I have written about these experiences.

Today, I see the benefit, because I really found some ways to save time on these platforms and I follow far fewer people than I used to. Quality over quantity is huge. It really comes down to focusing on learning from people’s experiences. The experiences are more than just favorite drinks, foods, restaurants or other items. The people who are seeing results on social meda are sharing experiences that have benefit for others.

Over the last year, I’ve tried to step up my game with respect to this topic goal and here are some things that I share with you that have really helped me.

Curate news and add your own comments – From now on, if I read a newsworthy item, I write an article summarizing the key points and I add some action items which encourage people to not only read the news for what it is worth but possibly take an additional action. This process has helped me with respect to providing content on our company blog site. Take a story and take it a step further.

Work at getting your content shared – Linkedin is a great place to start. Linkedin Pulse looks at stories and may select your article and place it with one of its categories if it finds the information in your article to be very helpful.

Share Great Information On your Facebook News Feed – If a story is interesting consider sharing it on your own news feed with your own comments. It will show others that you take the time to post interesting information that could be valuable to your readers.

Try adding more of your own pictures and less from digital picture sites – I am still working on this one. I want to get there, but for me it is more about taking the time to take the right kind of picture. Pictures can create a great story and people are genuinely interested in the work that occurs at your company.

Podcasting is back in a big way – I think many people have found a great platform here in sharing their experiences through audio. Podcasts have improved quite a bit in the last few years. There are many great podcasts out there and it really stems from people sharing their experiences. Start listening more and consider developing your own podcast.

Make content suitable for mobile – Take time and format your content. Format your text in bold, use colors to bring more attention to certain items. Create shorter articles. If your article is approaching 800+ words or more, it better be formatted properly or people will stop reading.

Finally, bring attention to other people’s work – Start off by telling people you enjoyed reading a particular article. This shows your readers that you do not always have all the answers and you are willing to give credit to others for helping you learn new ideas.


Sharing your experiences regarding your work, projects and interests is a great way to connect with a higher caliber of people. If you are not seeing results on social media, consider revisiting and changing the way you use these platforms. It could make all the difference.

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