target-market-listThe only challenge is, your target market is well, not on your list.

So, are you up for the challenge?

Are you ready to find and connect with your market while helping them solve their most pressing problems?

I hope so because the 1 -3 billion Google searches preformed every single day are proof that people have all sorts of things they want to know. They have problems that need solving and businesses that need guidance. And you have the answers to their problems.

The term “Google It” has become so widely known, even young children know what it means. And it’s not just search engines that get all the searches – how many forums and niche sites and groups are there on the web that get millions of searches a day as well?

As an Entrepreneur or online business owner, you are the one that gets to meet those needs and fulfill those inquiries.

The only question is where are all those people at and how can you find them to get them on your list?

Knowing your Target Market

Put on your detective hat and get ready to get in the trenches. We are about to embark on a target market exploration.

Would you agree that all businesses have a target market? Pretty fair statement, right?

They all have a set of consumers that their business is designed, arranged or advertised towards.

The same way that a women’s boutique is designed and marketed to appeal to women, your own business also has a set of consumers that you target more than others.

So many times with online businesses it’s a bit more of a challenge to NOT focus on the big stuff. Since it’s a business based on the web, wouldn’t you just target the whole world? Look at the potential there – billions of customers!

That wide reach concept fails every time though because of the simple fact that your target market is not everyone.

Not everyone on the web is going to need or even want your services. The people you get on your list need not be the whole world, only the ones that are interested in what you offer. So, the answer is instead of looking only at the big picture, start small.

Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond

The saying of being a big fish in a small pond is about as accurate as calculus here. Whereas a little fish in a big pond would just get overlooked, trampled and eventually sink, the fish in the small pond swims merrily and connects with lots of people (or fish).

So just how do you get to be the big fish?

By following these steps:

Know the market you are looking for in the first place. Are you a fitness buff with a website designed to give fitness advice? Then you want other people interested in fitness too, right? Until you have a clearly defined target market of who you are looking for, you’ll never find them.

Picture your ideal customer. Give them a name, describe them. Where do they live, do they have a family, what do they like to do… These are just a few of the many questions that can help determine who your ideal customer really is. So much so that you can actually picture them and visualize what they do.

Go where they go. After you have a picture of your customer, it makes predicting where they would hang out at much easier. For example, if your target market is the fitness market and your ideal customer is female, crunched for time, but still passion about being fit, then you can probably assume that they hang out with other busy, fitness interested people. Where are people interested in fitness at? In groups on Facebook, following other people interested in fitness on Twitter and probably even on fitness forums. Go there and meet them.

Give them a really great reason to get on your list. Email lists are not only the most important list you have, but it’s harder and harder to get people to join them. Offering an irresistible reason to join your list goes without saying. Give them insights that other people don’t offer, give them a series on something really revolutionary. Be the big fish in your niche.

Target Market Challenge Success

Discovering your target market need not be a roadblock to your successful business. In the next and final post of this series, I’ll reveal what these posts are leading up to and how you can identify, align with and get your target customers on your list.

Eventually, those customers will be turned into something called Raving Fans.

But it all starts with targeting the right people in the first place.

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