Old telephone for lead nurturingIf you’ve committed your organization to marketing automation, you’re probably using lead nurturing to guide prospects down your sales funnel and to encourage frequent visits to your website.

With all the technology that’s prevalent in our marketing processes, it’s useful to remember our non-technical “secret weapons.” Consider the old-fashioned phone call. Embedding the human touch with an actual phone call paired with a well targeted lead nurturing campaign can serve as a powerful trigger for prospects. It reminds them that there’s a real person behind your website and your emails. Without that real person, it will be difficult or even impossible to build a relationship that leads to a sale.

If your sales reps aren’t regularly calling converted leads, you’re missing out on building valuable person to person connections. If your sales team is spread too thin and can’t call every lead that comes in, consider calling only leads that convert two or three times.

Beyond using a standard sales script, here are some other approaches for using phone calls as an adjunct to your automated lead nurturing activities:

  • Leave a landing page, not a number – prospects are more likely to go to a specific website or landing page referenced in a voicemail rather than writing down your phone number to call you back. Build a landing page with content that is helpful and specific to the leads you call.
  • Encourage specific online actions – leave a voicemail that asks a prospect to access a specific section or industry focused area of your site that may be more valuable to them than more general parts of your site.
  • Build an app – if your product or service is part of a larger ecosystem (e.g. Salesforce) consider building and offering an app in that ecosystem and remind a prospect of your app in your phone call.

Don’t forget the simple stuff. In a world filled with powerful technology, it can be simple actions, like phone calls, that get people’s attention.

Photo Credit: hugovk

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