A pretty cool thing happened yesterday…

A woman I met in May at an event for female entrepreneurs and I connected over the phone (I like to follow up with people I meet briefly and connect more), and as we were talking she shared a project she is working on. Then, she said that she needs to connect with a particular person at a particular company to help move the project forward.

The cool thing? Before our call she’d looked me up on LinkedIn and saw that I was connected to him, and asked me if I could make an introduction.

When I looked, it turned out he was a 2nd level connection (he is connected to someone I am connected to), so I said I would send an email to the woman, even though I haven’t spoken with her in at least 2 years (we’d met a few times at a networking group). Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I sent the email, turns out the woman I’m connected to on LinkedIn is old friends with the guy and is happy to speak to my new acquaintance and then make an introduction!

There’s no way of knowing exactly where it will end up, but simply by doing a few things, she’ll be talking with the key person to her project in no time. Here’s what she did:

  1. Get super clear on what you want and figure out who the key players could be to helping you achieve it.
  2. Find someone you know who may know them.
  3. ASK for the introduction.

Of course, there are ways it could still go awry, but she’s doing everything right so far. It could be the continuation of a very successful project.

Who could you be connected to that could make a big difference to your business?

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