“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” – Henry Ford

We have a lot of uncertainty around us, especially during these COVID times. What was normal, is now obsolete or transformed. The pandemic ushered in new business models and efficiencies. And for the knowledge worker, who has been used to simply executing without thinking, there are detrimental consequences for living in the past.

If your customer has changed, it means you have to change.

The way you relate, or get work done, requires new approaches and design.

I have been in a lot of conversations this last year around strategy and business process. Everyone has to get more efficient. We have to do more with less.

In industries that were fat and living off of legacy, technology and speed have to be part of the new way of doing business.

If you have not updated your customer experience, software or teams, then change will expose you rather quickly.

Work and the quantity of hours you spend pecking at the keyboard can disguise your value. You can look busy. But, in reality, you may simply be ineffective.

Thinking about how to do more with less and delivering real value with minimal effort is a completely different value proposition. This is leadership. Leadership tends to be front-loaded after the thinking has been injected into a business process. And when you look busy, but you are missing the mark, your product to market fit mismatch will cause you to lose business, employees and market share.

Don’t think of business as usual. Now is the time to bring in new knowledge to your systems so you can prosper in this post-pandemic time. Make your customer experience faster and better. Remove obstacles for your team so they can execute without friction. Get rid of old systems that are no longer relevant.

Knowledge work is about being smarter and doing much more with less.