FlouroscopeWhat worked yesterday, might not work today.

Back in the 80s when my wife and I were dating, she flew from Pittsburgh to Newark to visit my family. My brother and I drove up to the airport to pick her up.

But we didn’t drive up as ourselves. We were in costumes. I was wearing a trench coat, a long black wig, and a black hat. My brother was wearing a beret, and a green military jacket. I looked like some sort of cross between a Hasidim and a mobster, while he looked like some sort of Cuban national. My wife got off of the plane and was mortified. We were the center of attention. Everyone was staring at us, and she just wanted to turn around, get back on the plane, and fly back to Pittsburgh. It was funny. Man, I wish I had a picture…

This was probably 1982 or 83.

Fast forward to 2011. In our post-9/11 world, can you imagine walking into an airport dressed like that? The TSA and law enforcement officials would be all over us like flies on poop. It would be a serious beatdown.

It worked back in the 80s, but today we’d find ourselves on the local, if not national, news.

The marketing methods and business methods you have used in the past might not work today. Don’t just “do”.

Think before you act. Look before you leap. Don’t run on auto-pilot.

Don’t ever do something just because “that’s the way it’s always been done.”

If we did that, we’d still be applying leeches to our skin, using lead paint and asbestos in our homes, and x-raying our feet at the shoe store.  Heck, we’d even be listening to 8-tracks!

Are you looking for new opportunities? Or are you stuck in the old way of doing things?