Whether it be web developer jobs, IT sales jobs, IT support jobs or computer jobs, if your company is looking for top quality staff, it makes sense to use the services of a recruitment agency. Professional recruiters offer invaluable advice on all aspects of recruitment.

Over time, a good recruitment agency will get to know your company and the work culture, and this will help them to recruit people who’ll be a good fit. They can also source temporary and permanent staff, depending on your needs.

Your time is valuable and recruiting good staff can be a lengthy process. It makes sense for you to outsource staff recruitment, not only as this saves time and money, but also because you can then spend more time on mentoring existing staff and running your business.

The cost of undertaking your own recruitment is a large and onerous one. Apart from the initial expense of phone calls, newspaper, magazine and online advertising, there are the numerous hidden costs. These include the many hours it takes to draft the job description, create the job advertisement, seek out candidates, read through resumes, interview candidates and undertake reference checks.

The cost of hiring a recruitment agency more than offsets the hassle and time you would have to spend on this. Recruitment consultants are trained to do the best possible job in the shortest possible time.

Here are some ways recruitment agencies can help:

As they have access to a large database of job applicants, they don’t need to rely on job seekers who happen to be paging through job advertisements that day. Recruiters will suggest known job candidates who would be most suitable for your organisation and if the right one is not on their books, they’ll determine the most effective advertising strategy to attract people to the position.

Short List
A short list of applicants is drawn up for you and each one is personally interviewed, taking into account the particular job requirements.

A selection of skills assessment tools are used to provide the speedy and effective evaluation of candidates and, if necessary, psychological assessments can also be conducted.

Thorough reference-checking of all applicants is undertaken.

Presenting Applicants
Once all applicants have been thoroughly checked, a list of the best candidates, based on their resumes, personal profiles and skill tests, are presented to you.

With all candidates fully briefed on the job position, interviews are arranged at your convenience.

Following your final selection, the recruiters can help with the negotiation of terms and conditions.

Fee Guarantee
A full fee refund or staff replacement guarantee is normally offered.

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