Why do you want to kill your competition (this is a generic you)?

Why do you want to put on your size 42 boots, kick them in the sack and then trample them into the dirt?

Why do you want them to fail so badly that the only people left they can come to is you? Is your alternative really that much better?


But if it is, then isn’t it the competition that’s helped you make you so much better? If not, why not? If the competition is who we want/need to be better than, then why aren’t we using them to improve ourselves?

This doesn’t just need to be about business, either. Your competition can be other bloggers; other poetry writers; other breadmakers; others that are after your objects of desire.

Anything that is after the same thing you’re after is competition. It could be a lot, or it could be miniscule – but either way, it’s all good. Because you watch, and learn.

What decision lost a business customers? What blog post got a slew of criticism? What bread became staler first, and why?

Learn why the things your competitors are doing are backfiring, and adjust your approach to benefit those left in the dust. And you don’t even have to lace up your boots to do this.

Don’t hate others for doing things wrong; make them hate you for doing things right.

image: Jordan.A.

Why You Should Love Your Competition originally appeared on Danny Brown on February 3, 2011.