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Change can be difficult for many companies. You’ve got systems in place, and although they may not be perfect, they’re good enough to keep your business up and running. However, this can be a short-sighted view that leads to a company being outmatched by emerging competition in the constantly changing business world.

When evaluating how to strategically position a customer service operation, it’s all about providing an experience (both externally AND internally) that is unmatched in your industry. One key tactic companies are leveraging to revolutionize their service offering is implementing a sophisticated ticket automation solution. Let’s take a quick look at why this solution is making a major difference…

Ticket automation eliminates certain elements of human error – Companies that aren’t making good use of automation have an employee, usually an overworked supervisor, routing tickets to the right agents manually. With ticket automation, this error-prone and burdensome process can be completely removed from your ticket workflow. You can route tickets based on sender, specific words in the title, time received, and much more to one or several agents so they can follow up as needed. The best part is that this all happens in a manner of seconds, eliminating many routing bottlenecks you may have experienced in the past and freeing up valuable time.

Employee morale is significantly boosted by ticket automation – The industry is at a point now where an excellent customer service agent won’t even consider working for a company without great ticket automation processes. These professionals want to help customers in their areas of expertise, and many have had awful experiences working with dated customer service strategies in the past. Simply put, if you want to hire the best then you’re going to need to have the best practices, including ticket automation, already established. Having agents “hunt” for ten minutes in a general ticket pool to find a question they can answer isn’t just bad service, it’s also incredibly demoralizing for your employees.

Ticket automation adds clarity to the lives of customer service leadership – Knowledge is power in the business world, and a sophisticated ticket automation solution is a gold mine of insights to customer service management professionals. Not only can they know who is working on what by viewing automation rules, but they can tweak these rules in real-time without having to involve an IT team. No more worrying about adding and removing employees from shared inbox groups, instead just switch staffing assignments via automation rules within your customer service software. Best of all, you can share this clarity with your senior leadership. They can log-in to the software on their own time and view automation rules to see exactly which agents are working on a specific customer account at any given moment.

In short, ticket automation is a game changer for B2B customer service strategies because it streamlines and improves communication. Human error becomes minimized and work processes become more efficient for all agents. Lastly, ticket automation excels at keeping customer service leadership organized and can even provide key employee information to senior leadership in real-time. These sophisticated systems are the future of the industry, and it’s important that companies evaluate their entire customer service offering to find out where ticket automation can have the most impact.