Why Relationships Matter

As we start the new year, I think a resolution is needed…a resolution to better business practices, strengthen ourselves and quantify interactions with clients. There is a paradox in what relationships mean within a business – are they transactional or actual? Why, like so many relationships today, is trust (in a business sense) looked at as the milestone to achieve success? Why must success be measured in numbers? In digital marketing, that measurement is built on activity on a website. Though, one thing I always look at with clients:

Are. You. Building. Human. Relationships?

Numbers are important, but today, more than ever, building relationships is the most valuable source of revenue. If a business is looked at as being a number, and not a person, then the accountability is to the numbers, not the people. Thus, the person becomes irrelevant, which in turn means that people are irrelevant. Their wants, needs, demands — consumer and employee — are lost in a vacuum of how and what we can do to better the numbers. I want to discuss the why in business relationships, specifically in digital marketing, are vital with rapport, trust, inspiration, development, and being an innovator today to better tomorrow.

Building Relationships Equals Successful Marketing

We all have relationships; we have acquaintances, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, and friends. Notwithstanding, when implementing a digital marketing campaign, those relationships must be tailored differently, and for many on the receiving end, those relationships are not fulfilling. Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars are poured into SEM and SEO, though the ROI metric is in chasing the competition, not the dream. That is, everything is built into what is done, and how it’s implemented. All too often the why metric is lost. So, while we work our magic behind the scenes, remember in business, not only is your good or service a commodity, but you are too!

I explore this reality with my clients. For ENX2, it’s mainly law firms. No matter how amazing the website, and no matter the content, advertising dollars, video production and/or campaign: if you under-deliver on the engagement of building human relationships then the results of any digital marketing campaign will too, be under-delivering, thus hurting your online presence and ROI.

Today’s absolute is Google. Period. Everything, from who, what, where, why, when, and how is determined by PageRank and Ad Rank, algorithms used by Google Search to rank web pages in the Google search engine results for organic and paid results, respectively.

One of the main factors that go into play with PageRank is the business’ GMB (Google My Business), and, more specifically, the reviews. Yes, reviews are vital in any business vertical! So, for anyone reading, from the Main Street business owner to the Fortune 100 CEO, remember that human relationships in the digital age are equally as important as coding is to your website!

It seems simple, but in many cases, we have forgotten the principles of why relationships matter. Business performance should not be scaled based upon what was done, and how it was done, but in why it was done. Don’t look at building relationships as something to redefine you, but look at the endless possibilities in what, how, and why relationships will define who you are. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea.” Okay, in all seriousness, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m Possible’!”