Meetings. You can’t avoid them (and at MeetingKing, we don’t really think that you should). They might be board meetings (or, as some call them, bored meetings). Personnel review meetings. Weekly company meetings. School PTA meetings. It doesn’t matter – you’ll be attending, and probably organizing, at least one meeting this week.

So why use meeting templates?

An excellent question.

1. Same Stuff, Different Day

Meetings you attend to tend to repeat themselves, to a degree. Your marketing meeting will always include talking about the targets from last meeting, traffic statistics and conclusions, and the plan for the next week. Personnel review meetings also follow more or less the same formula.

Meeting templates help lay the groundwork quickly when you want to set up your next meeting. You can go over the template quickly, turn it into an agenda, and schedule your meeting.

2. Why not help out?

You aren’t the only one who organises meetings. Perhaps you are on rotation, perhaps you were sick one day – there’s always a time when someone else sets up a meeting, one that you’ve done before, dozens of times. Now, if you’ve done it before, dozens of times, and you know what needs to go where, why not create a template? This way, EVERYONE can set up the meeting, and they know what needs to be covered.

3. It’s consistent

With a meeting template, I know more or less what the meeting is going to be about. So I know to prepare my data on site traffic beforehand, or I know that I need to complete the web page design a day before, or I know that I need to list all the major bugs I’ve discovered this week. Whatever the case, when you know (roughly) what the agenda is, then you know how to prepare yourself.

4. It’s like a checklist

Having a good meeting template is like a checklist. You can go through the whole template, making sure that your meeting covers the ‘retrospective’, ‘action summary’, ‘results’, ‘new actions based on results’ and so on.

Of course, meeting templates aren’t an excuse to not prepare proper agendas, update meeting participants and make sure that tasks are completed – but they are an excellent way to get started, and you can easily find meeting templates to download for free on the web.