It’s cool to be kind, according to today’s workers.

Ask employees what they value most, and 93% will tell you that it’s important their company upholds high ethical standards.

This is good news for mission-driven companies and even better news for certified B Corporations, or companies that are certified for their commitment to using business for improving their communities – and the world.

If you’re looking for new ways to commit to your company’s values, you can use this article to learn more about

What Is a B Corporation?

A B Corporation is a business that is legally required to uphold ethical standards by considering how its practices impact the supply chain, from manufacturing to sales to the end customer.

By making ethical choices at every step of the supply chain, B Corporations are positioned to create positive change in the world.

There are currently more than 2,600 certified B Corporations in 60 countries, all working toward more sustainable and fair business practices. These businesses are willing to jump through extra hoops and paperwork to maintain their certifications, all in the name of their values.

Some of these ethical standards include:

  • Reducing poverty
  • Using environmentally sustainable materials and production methods
  • Creating high-quality jobs
  • Building deeper community ties

3 Examples of Values-Driven Companies

In addition to attracting and retaining committed employees, businesses that stick to their values earn positive media coverage. All of these factors can improve a business’s reputation, attracting qualified candidates and high-quality clients.

Some companies express their values by putting purpose over profit. For example, Patagonia, a company specializing in outdoor apparel, recently received $10 million worth of tax cuts due to Republican-led legislation.

Patagonia has vocally opposed Republican policies around the environment, so the company donated the money to nonprofits committed to protecting the environment.

Instead of pocketing the unexpected profits, Patagonia committed to its values and used the money to support the fight against climate change.

Similarly, Toms Shoes has always had a policy of giving away a pair of shoes to someone in need for each pair that is purchased. But in 2018, the company took a new step toward publicly committing to its values by taking a stand against gun violence.

The company’s founder, Blake Mycoskie, lives and works near Thousand Oaks, Calif., where a mass shooting devastated residents in November 2018. Unsettled by the violence, Mycoskie committed to invest $5 million in organizations that work to reduce gun violence in America.

Finally, a luxury sock company called Bombas has donated more than 10 million socks to those who need them as of November 2018.

Although plenty of people purchase Bombas’s socks, many others cannot afford to purchase socks at all. In fact, socks are one of the most-requested items at homeless shelters. When customers purchase a pair of Bombas socks, the company donates a pair to someone needs them.

Final Thoughts

Employees want to work for companies that commit to values including social causes, environmental causes, and forging meaningful community ties.

Companies can attract these employees by communicating their values to the world through their principled actions and public statements.

And even better – companies that commit to values can drive positive change in the world.