Local-Organizations-for-Valentine's-DayRoses are red, violets are blue. We’ve joined a local organization… and you should, too!

Is your business not feeling the local love this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we have the solution: Join a local organization and let the love start flowing in.

Local organizations like Local First Arizona and Independent We Stand teach communities the benefits of shopping local year-round, including on holidays like Valentine’s Day.

Check out how they’re promoting shopping local for V-Day to help spread the local love and drum up more business for you!

Local Organizations Showing Local Love for V-Day

Both Local First Arizona and Independent We Stand have been encouraging people to shop local this Valentine’s Day, which will increase the amount of money that stays in local communities, benefiting local business owners across the U.S.

Many people don’t realize that roses, chocolates, wine, jewelry, gift cards — all the classic V-Day gifts — can be purchased from local businesses instead of big-box retailers. That’s why Independent We Stand has been sending out Valentine’s Day tweets to their followers to encourage local shopping. They also have a really great blog post out called ‘Show Some Local Love this Valentine’s Day’ that highlights the economic impact of treating your sweetheart to local gifts this year.

Independent We Stand Tweet

The blog post includes a link to a ‘Valentine’s Day impact calculator’ that shows how much money stays in your community by choosing to shop local as well as posters you can snag that say ‘Don’t Be a Loser. Buy Local.’ These are all things you can share with your Facebook and Twitter followers to help them understand just how important it is that they keep their money in their own community. Learn more about Independent We Stand.

Kimber Lanning, founder and director of Local First Arizona, recently appeared on 3 TV’s Your Life A to Z to share gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. She highlighted a variety of local businesses to stress that all Valentine’s Day gifts can be purchased local. Check out Kimber’s appearance below:

In addition, Local First also has a great blog post out that details local Valentine’s Day events, as well as a post titled ‘Tips for Localizing Your Valentine’s Day.’ The post features five reasons to shop local for V-Day as well as a directory so people can easily find local businesses in Arizona. Not in Arizona? Local First has chapters in a variety of cities. Check out their website to learn more.

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We want to know: What local organizations will you be joining this year?