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The lack of time to get everything done, myriad of special requests, and the need to do extra research will sometimes put us in a tailspin. What if a routine commitment suddenly required hours of research without extra income – would you politely decline or accept the responsibility?

This type of decision is crucial to the continued development and reputation of your personal brand for numerous reasons. And your business depends upon the ability to carefully weigh the pros and cons to reach the best possible decision of which path to take.


Any accountant will tell you that for every endeavor you need to look at your bottom line. Business advisors will tell you to always concentrate on your top three monetary producing activities. At the same time, we perform best by doing the work we enjoy most. Therefore, it is wise to give due consideration to what will bring the ultimate best reward.

The unspoken bottom-line is of a business development style signaling that your clientele may always count on you.

The Right Bottom-Line

Therefore, think twice about taking the easy route. Doing so might harm future opportunities for working together.

Although some situations may require extra time be spent they may ultimately affect your bottom line positively. This occurs when a thorough effort of research is completed and your knowledge is substantially increased. Even more than that, when your clientele sees you putting in the extra effort on their behalf, they know you are the right person for the job. Reciprocity takes hold when recommendations to their friends and peers are made on your behalf. Development of a strong personal brand IS the right bottom-line.

Power Up!

Newfound knowledge enhances what you already know and enables future endeavors. Ultimately, you come out way ahead by digging in to learn what is required to complete the project.

Summer months are typically a slow time for business, thus making this season the best time to put oneself to the task of learning new subject matter. The advantage of doing so is that the last quarter of the calendar year is when most transactions take place. Your expanded expertise will poise you to expand your audience along with sales.

Notes For Last Quarter

How to fast-track for last quarter:

  • List the highlights of this year’s accomplishments to date
  • Might one achievement be leveraged into something extraordinary?
  • What needs to be completed in order to pursue a revised vision?
  • What did you learn from the projects that did not materialize as hoped?
  • Are you able to turn lessons learned into an improved new product or service?

Enjoying Life

It’s great to relax and get the most enjoyment out of each day. But on the unique days where you have to scurry to research, digest, and apply new information that requires putting in longer hours than you would like, the reward comes later in knowing that you not only did a good job, but the right job.

The first person you have to please is yourself, and then all else falls into place, bringing about the Smooth Sale!

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