What’s the most important investment you can make in your brand? Hint, it’s not marketing, packaging, sales, or even your team. Give up? The most important investment you can make is in yourself. The single most critical contributing factor to the success of your business is you. If you’re not manifesting the best version of yourself, you’re putting your brand at risk and lowering your chances of achieving the results you want.

Sadly, we often struggle to put ourselves first. It can feel selfish or a misplaced use of time, but that is not true. When you engage in your business wholeheartedly while at your best, you’re going to be more effective. As a founder, your effectiveness dictates the outcome. It is just that simple. In addition to being at your best, you need to become better learning the crafts of entrepreneurship and leadership. To not invest in yourself makes all your other investments less impactful.

Let’s explore some of the ways you can turn the investment focus towards yourself. In full disclosure, much of what I suggest below is still a work in progress for me. I in no way profess to have this shit all figured out.


Making time for your spiritual practice is vital. Reserving sacred moments for introspection and connecting to a higher purpose is regenerative, nurturing, and affirming.


Moving, setting aside the thinking mind, and burning off calories and stress is critical to physical and emotional well-being.


For many of us, one of the first things we forego is a healthy diet. Invest time and money in whole foods, cooked at home, eaten without distraction and with gratitude.


I get it. At the end of the workday, who wants to take the time to crack open a book, watch a documentary, or listen to a business podcast. But those founders you look up to make the time, and so should you. Pick a few podcasts and listen to them while you exercise or cook that whole food. Try Blinkist and get useful summaries of books. Just increase your field of view and knowledge base.


This may be the hardest of all, but you must shut it all down every once in a while. Cut the electronic leash. This year I am going to try a monthly retreat. One Friday a month, I will shut down and use the day for exploration, introspection, creativity, or just plain fun.


Don’t forget this one. You’re on an incredible journey. Take some time to laugh and decompress.

Family and friends

Entrepreneurship can be all-consuming, and its talons sink deep. It’s one thing to let it negatively impact you and another to let it gain a grip on your relationships. Nurture those closest to you. Recognize that this is not a solo journey, and you’ll want those closest to be with you when you celebrate wins and suffer losses.

You are the most valuable asset in your business. Treat yourself as such, and invest in your growth and effectiveness. The ROI will be incredible.

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