Ace Concierge ToDo List If your ToDo list is made up of:

  • Administrative Duties: scheduling meetings, draft and send emails, filtering your inbox
  • Managing your database of contacts and customers
  • Proofreading office documents
  • Sending greeting cards, invitations, and newsletters
  • Storing and managing files in your cloud software
  • Travel planning
  • Creating forms
  • Setting up project management software
  • Editing and uploading blog posts
  • Adding and updating WordPress plugins
  • Managing social media postings
  • Playing email tag
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Curating content
  • Drafting e-newsletters
  • Creating blog and branded social graphics
  • Managing your team and projects

Then who is operating your business?

Stop allowing your business to run you (around in circles). It’s time you stepped away from the low payoff activities and put your value back on the playing field.

Remember WHY you started your company.

What skills did you bring to the table and what are you actually doing now?

This is crucial not just to your success but to how you spend your time.

If you are busy using your toolbox on all of the backend tasks, social media, and daily minutia, where and when are you able to apply your core genius before total burnout?

Train yourself to stop doing tasks that don’t add much value to your business – admin, repetitive, things you hate and things you aren’t good at. Ekaterina Ramirez

ToDo List Exercise

  1. Commit to 1 week
  2. Create a spreadsheet: date, task, time in, time out, started, completed, in process
  3. Track every task, project, distraction, interruption, time lost
  • Note what wasn’t done
  • Pay attention to time spent on social media (via all devices)
  • What were the income-generating tasks?
  • How many fires did you put out?
  • How much time was wasted on email traffic?
  • What items were top priority? Low priority
  • What was a total waste of your time?
  • What did you hate doing
  • What else is noteworthy of your time-tracking exercise?
  • Before you take on something new, STOP and ask yourself 1). is this the best use of my time and 2). can someone else do it for me?

What IF you could free up as much as 20% of your time for responsibilities and core business needs that truly matter? Would you make the investment?

It all begins with the act of delegation.