Today, I am on cloud nine, unable to think of little except the events of this past weekend.

Events, that until recently I would never have dreamed possible. As I was cruising my Facebook news feed this morning I came across this cartoon with the thinker and the doer. It just completely explains how I am feeling about my life at this very moment.

Why? Because I have become the doer, and for a long time I was the thinker…

The “doing” can be anything at all. What is it in your life that you need or want to “do?” Is it career related? Do you have an idea you believe in? Is there a cause you believe in that can bring about change? Are there broken relationships you want to restore? Have you always wanted to start your own business?

What is that one thing you’ve thought about for years and years that you keep saying “someday I’d like to…” Pause for 30 seconds and think about that. Did you pause? Okay read on.

I, like you, have had many “someday I’d like to” items on my list.

If you have read any of my stuff in the past, or are connected to me on Facebook or Twitter, you know the following is true about me: I love God, I love my family, I love artichokes and I love racing. You probably also know that I am an internet/social marketer by trade. What you may not know is that my favorite NASCAR driver is Tony Stewart who drives the No. 14 Office Depot/Mobile 1 Chevy in the Sprint Cup Series and is the defending champion.

My husband and I get to a few NASCAR races a year, and we have found our way to the garage, and/or pit road with opportunities for photo ops with the drivers. I viewed them as “rock star-esque” – but I must say I now see them differently – I see them as guys… who drive cars…really REALLY well… Why? Because I got to do one of my some-day items. With all the driver photos we’ve had taken, and there are many, the one that always seemed out of reach was Tony Stewart (and always the one I wanted most). Though an old friend was able to get him to call me on my 40th birthday (which I am sure Tony has no recollection of). I have always wanted my picture with him (I am a photo person, not an autograph person).

Wendy Emerson, living the dream with Tony Stewart

Another of my “someday I’d like to” items was to start a social media/marketing company with my husband. A business that we could work together with our passion for racing as the fuel. Our focus? Motorsports marketing… Well that dream was born about 2 years ago, and in January of 2011, we started Big Motor Media. Our initial start-up focus has been internet marketing and social media for small business, but our passion has carved out that niche for us in motorsports. We are the social media and internet brains behind a local dirt track (Canandaigua Motorsports Park), and that has put Big Motor Media on the map for us.

So with one item checked off my list, and a busy time with marketing at Canandaigua Motorsports Park, I was able to check off my big Tony Stewart item. We did so much more than check it off though… I got to see him as a person who gets approached from every direction. We saw how truly high-demand every minute of his time is, and that there must be a ton of pressure in having to be “on” all the time. Tony raced at our local track this past week, and since my husband and I do the internet marketing and social, we were able to see things from the inside looking out. Not only did I get to meet and shake his hand, but I was able to spend a moment with him and talk to him (interview really).

A year ago, I would have probably said one (or all) of the following things to him:

  • I’m a huge fan Tony!
  • Will you sign my shirt/hat?
  • I can’t believe I’m standing here talking to you!
  • Will you marry me?
  • add your crazed fan line here…

However, my favorite #14 hat stayed tucked in my bag, never mentioned, and I did not tell him I was a fan. (Though I was wearing my #14 bracelet.) I just talked to him, like a human being. (I must confess, the moment I realized we’d be meeting and interviewing him, I looked at my husband and said “I feel like I’m going to throw-up!”) Tony appeared about a minute later and there was no time to think, just do! And here was the result:

My only regret? I had other questions I wanted to ask him about Eldora and but mostly about his charities with the Tony Stewart Foundation. But those regrets are small, and I know that our paths will cross again one day. I don’t think it anymore, I know it. Maybe he will give us another interview, and I will have the opportunity to shed more light on those things. But for now, Tony, it was so great to meet you. Thank you for being a gentleman, and thank you for giving of your time, that is in such high demand. I had great respect for you as a driver, I now have a greater respect for you as a human being.

I never viewed myself as someone who could do this! Week in and week out I interview the drivers who race regularly at Canandaigua. And truth be told, the first SEVERAL weeks, I was terrified about interviewing them. Nervous really, thinking… this is not me! I cannot do this! I can’t interview these guys on camera! But then I began to believe in myself and my wonderful husband believes in me 100%, so I started to fall into a rhythm and really have a great time getting to know the drivers who live to race on dirt. I realize now, Tony Stewart was just a guy who started on dirt, loves dirt, still races on dirt – why? Because he loves how the groove changes with each run at the different tracks (I learned that from the interview).

So to you thinkers out there – what is stopping you? Why do you think and not do? What holds you back? I would say to you not only do you need to believe in yourself, but surround yourself with people who believe in you. It will help you start “doing” that much quicker! To my husband, thank you for believing in me, and for helping me realize my dreams, which have become our dreams. To everyone else… get off your duff and go do it!

Oh, and Tony, by the way… There are some broken links on one of your websites. If you choose to hire Big Motor Media to help you out, we know that would not happen! (Sorry had to give our business a plug. I sent you my resume a while ago, but I’m sure it got “filed.”) – Have your folks contact me if they’d like to know where the broken links are.