Martha Spelman New Normal

The term “New Normal” was coined in response to the most recent recession and the new economic paradigms that resulted. But the phrase, some might say cliché, is now applied to many new realities that exist subsequent to any number of stimuli.

Perhaps a change in your health requires you to alter your behavior – eat better, exercise more, avoid previous habits. Kids move out…or in. You might have relocated and must adjust to a new environment, make new friends and adopt different routines. It’s possible that something like the ongoing drought, the rising cost of living, a new responsibility or loss of a relationship has broad implications. Maybe we can’t eat, stay up (or sleep) or party like we used to; we might wish for the old days, but it’s the “Now” days that are the new reality.

And nowhere more than in Business is the New Normal so apparent. Revolutionary technology, a global economy, big data, legal and regulatory initiatives, security concerns, increased competition, fluctuating financial markets – the changes affecting business arise on a daily basis.

Just when you think you’ve got it wired, again…things change, again. You’re facing yet another New Normal.

How you accept, embrace and adapt to these changes — a willingness to learn and apply new practices to how you do business — is a predictor of how you will succeed in your New Normal. Continuing to do business the same old way, a persistence in thinking that things will return to the “Old Normal,” and a resistance to effecting your own changes, could spell the downfall of your business.

Making a commitment to learning more and being receptive, helps. Sometimes asking for help, helps.

The goal is to survive, thrive and live to fight another day.

Tell us your experience: What’s your “New Normal” and how have you adapted?