Main Focus When You Opened Your Business

During the initial business startup phase, providing great customer service may not have been your first thought. Instead, you focused on getting the best location, trendy furnishings, celebrity appearances, and over-the-top promotions that you “knew” would jump-start your business. You thought, “I just gotta get the hip crowd to check out my store. I know they’ll love it. I’ll be the talk of the town”. You figured you’ll always have time to improve the service later. Really?

What To Focus On When Starting a Business

“Newness” builds upon itself with a steady stream of customers focused on hitting the next hottest spot. Sure, customers will come to check you out and may even like what you offer. But will they stay? Will they return? And for how long?

Soon, the celebrities are long gone, the furnishings have become worn, bad habits have set in, and the staff is a little long-in-the-tooth. The newness is gone too. So, what do you have left that makes the customers return?

What Keeps Your Customers Coming Back For More?

After a business passes its startup phase, the ability to continually create memories and positive shopping experiences for the customers must remain.

But how can that happen if you never focused on service from day 1? What were you thinking? I bet you realize now that great service is far more important than “trendy” – and lasts far longer.

If you’re looking to feed your ego, then wear the fancy clothes and jewelry. You can rent a few of those big spotlights to light up the sky and bring in the chic models. You can even have an airplane or two circle overhead while flying your expensive banner.

But if you’re looking to feed your family and contribute to your community, then take care of your employees, provide them proper ongoing training, and get your service right starting on opening night!

Remember, opening night is not about you, it’s about your customers.