Multicultural Millennials are defined just as much by their psychographic attributes as they are their demographic statistics. They share a common mindset that should be considered and factored into communications strategies more so than the traditional siloed approach of targeting by race and ethnicity. This audience seeks leading edge trends and social currency that technology, global access and creative culture provides. These passions and desires were born out of the phenomenon that hip hop created as the defining way of life for youth culture since its inception.

As much as this generation differs from generations before it, there are some constants that have remained true. What many seem to forget or maybe even never realized, is that Hip Hop culture’s founding elements and attributes of self expression were deeply rooted in American Culture and share many of the same values. Those values are…

– Freedom of Speech
– Freedom of Expression
– The Pursuit of Wealth
– The Pursuit of Happiness
– Family
– Equality
– Education

The above are all constants that are true to this generation’s value system and desires as well. These values have been constants from Boomers all the way up to the Millennials of today. Multicultural Millennials are still closely connected to and cherish the founding elements of hip hop culture. It is simply hip hop culture evolved as a new era has been ushered in. And with this new era comes new expressions and even newer expectations. There are generational shaping events and occurrences that drive those expectations and expressions like with every generation. Generational shaping events and occurrences for Multicultural Millennials include:

– Innovative Technology
– Social Media
– Redefined Gender Roles
– Increased Diversity
– Obama Effect
– Unstable Economy
– Reality Celebrity

This all factors into how Multicultural Millennials view the world. It also factors into how they shape and define their relationships, including relationships with brands.

7 Things Multicultural Millennials want in addition to the constants every generation wants:

  1. Diversity – Diversity is what they know. It’s not new or different. They grew up in a diversely populated society and simply expect it.
  2. Multi-facetedness – They don’t expect to be categorized in a singular stereotypical identity such as the jock, the techie, the skater or the fashionista. They take pride in being able to connect different worlds and industries and excel in more than just one.
  3. Inspiration – Being influenced by celebrity endorsement or brand status used to be enough. That is no longer the case. They want to be inspired. Inspired by innovation and creativity of their friends, peers and the brands and celebrities they choose.
  4. Reciprocity – Giving back is important to them and they support the brands that also give back. They know what brands are giving back and in what way. They also have issues and causes that matter to them and their communities. They support the brands that support them.
  5. Social Currency – They understand the power of Social Media and the status that they can achieve with it and through it. They have a lot to say and want to share their voice, ideas and creativity with the world. Brands that help enhance their Social Currency can quickly establish brand love.
  6. Consistency – There are enough things that are in question and in-flux in their world right now. They are seeking areas in their life that can offer stability and consistency. This is an expectation for the brands that they choose. Versatility is fine and even welcomed, but consistency in who you say you are and what you’ll do is a must.
  7. Cultural Winks – Multicultural Millennials connect and relate with one another most often by their common interests and values. They also recognize their cultural differences and like them to be acknowledged without necessarily being singled out. Show them you have taken and passed your course on Culturational Chemistry.

“We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams”. ~ Jimmy Carter