I struggle sometimes, and I know by the amount of posts on the topic of”what do I write when I don’t have anything to blog about’, you do too. I struggle with writing here on this blog. I struggle to get off my couch and do something. I struggle to read the book I promised myself I would or pick up the blender I wanted so bad just yesterday. This post has been in me for awhile but then a couple things I read and observed this past week really wanted me to just get it out of my system.

What motivates you and how do you motivate others?

Robert Dempsey wrote a great post on the idea of one-to-one marketing based on key items Gary Vaynerchuk mentions in an interview. Now while one-to-one marketing is not necessarily a piece of my ‘what motivates you’ question, Robert adds a great line here that I just couldn’t resist sharing: It does, if your organization has a culture where every employee understands the mission of the business, the value it provides, and is fully invested in helping bring that value to an even greater number of people.

This line makes me think about motivation. What is currently motivating me? How am I motivating others? Does the core group encourage, motivate and support each other in the areas that matter? How?

Imagine motivation as part of a corporate culture. Are you being motivated to advance your career or motivated to ensuring the customer has the experience that your company is known for providing? Both important but both very different.

I believe internal, personal motivation can be supported when we are valued and encouraged to do something for the great good. Now Im not talking about charity, Im talking about the greater good for your organization, your team, your customers. Getting promoted, getting a bigger paycheck, getting more responsibility are all great things but they shouldn’t be motivators. When you start to become motivated by things like money, you lose.

Yes, money is great, money makes the world go round blah blah blah. Hey, I love money too – who doesn’t? But as a motivator? It really sucks. I dont think someone will do a better job if I give them more money. I dont think someone will fulfill the promise for more money (maybe one time but not eternally). Money is a buffer and it doesnt last. You cannot keep promising money and neither can your organization. If money is what motivates you and is how you are motivating others, you will reach a breakng point.

Be motivated by making others happy.

Be motivated by helping some be successful.

Be motivated by ensuring the customer always comes back.

Be motivated by knowing that you did the best job you could do.

Be motivated by the feeling you get when you think of a great idea.

Be motivated by the comfort of supporting yourself and your family.

Be motivated by doing better this time than last time.

Be motivated by the urge to get up every morning to do it all over again.

What motivates you? Is it the stuff that propels customer’s to want to do more with you? Is it the stuff that amplifies organizations to work with you? If it’s money, you got it all wrong. It has to be so much more than that.