market research, consumer panelYour panel could be telling you a lot more about your brand, product or even about your survey than you realise. There is so much to be learned from reading between the lines of your panel’s answers, especially when they are an experienced panel accustomed to sharing their opinions and discussing brands and companies. You may be able to learn something you never intended to!

About them

Selecting your panel puts you in direct contact with a sample of your target market. You select them by age, occupation, location or any other demographic criteria you like. What you may not have thought of is the potential extra information about them that comes through in the research; things like like their commuting patterns, family commitments or religious beliefs.

From your research you could see new trends develop that you may not have considered. Or perhaps you assumed something that wasn’t accurate, such as commuter habits or buying behaviors of parents with young children. You might find out you don’t know them as well as you thought.

About you

When you set out to conduct a brand awareness survey, you are clearly going to learn a lot about how your population perceives your brand. As well as this, you can also learn a lot about how your approach to advertising or how you market your company is perceived by your audience.

Apart from the obvious direct questions about branding impact or brand association, your panel may also tell you a lot about your approach to marketing; if it is too forward, misleading, or whetheryou are giving enough information.

About the research

Are you asking the right questions? Your panel will be sure to let you know if given the opportunity so why not ask them? This is when the “Other” options or written responses can be really useful to allow for an alternative answer if one presents itself. Of course your research should have focus, but you don’t want it to be too narrow.

Do they feel like they really are your target audience or are the questions missing the mark and don’t feel applicable to your target audience? Looking at your panel responses you might find your research wasn’t effective or you didn’t gather any clear information. You might set out asking about your advertising campaign but you could learn that your market research needs work.

You never know when your panel might surprise you. You have the potential to learn so much so why not make the most of the opportunity?

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