My friend, Rufus “the dog,” invited me to participate in the #letsblogoff project. Today’s topic is “What is creativity?” No small order to tackle this topic!

Oddly enough, a related question has been running through my head in regards to blogging. I’ve been reading Richard Branson’s “Business Stripped Bare.” He talks about how in the first days of Virgin Records, he bought a manor in the country, turned it into a studio, and it became a creative haven for Virgin musicians. They could really indulge in the creative process, let loose when they were done working, and then go right back into work when the mood was right.

It got me thinking about how I think a lot of us blog. At its heart, blogging should be considered an art – something born of creativity. But do we approach blogging that way? I started thinking about my mode of blogging. I don’t light candles, turn on relaxing music, get a nice cup of tea, and luxuriate in the experience of blogging. I sit down and say, “OK, how many of these ideas can I get written down?”

Is it the same for you? We become producers, not artists, right?

So what is creativity? To me, creativity is not just the act of creating, but it is luxuriating in the ability to do so. It is putting fingers to keyboard, pen to paper, paint to canvas, voice to guitar because you just have to. It is expression without thought of ramifications.

And it’s exceedingly rare.

What do you think? How do you define creativity?

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