A common component of any business or company is the sales department, which is responsible for persuading customers to purchase a product. This department is comprised of sales representatives, each with their own unique qualities and success rates. However, what are the characteristics of an effective salesperson? This question is one that has been asked for many decades by a number of parties, including managers, executives and psychologists. A number of sophisticated answers and theories have emerged, trying to delve deep into the mindset of the salesperson. But eventually, the hiring manager must rely on looking for certain, well-known traits that are shared by the best.

5 Characteristics of a Great Salesperson

From the traditional door-to-door salesperson to the representatives seen today, sales individuals have certain characteristics in common that allow them to effectively pursue customers. Regardless of the industry, size of company, or audience, great salespeople will share the following characteristics:

  1. Persistence
    One common characteristic of successful salespeople is the ability to pursue goals and overcome barriers. This ability, known as persistence, allows salespeople to look for new solutions and not be dissuaded by rejections. Every company should actively look for dedicated salespeople that are driven towards meeting goals and scoring new customers.
  2. Passion
    A difficult task for even the best salesperson is to sell a product or service that they don’t believe in. Most successful salespeople will associate themselves with products they trust, allowing them to effectively convey their enthusiasm to their customers. By demonstrating passion in their company and products, they display confidence and excitement that are easily picked up by their clients.
  3. Conversation Skills
    Customers are highly resistant against salespeople who are simply looking to sell their products. Therefore, great salespeople will possess the ability to make customers feel comfortable, to make them believe that they are concerned for the customer. By conveying that the customer means more to them than the product, the salesperson is more likely to achieve sales.
  4. Competitiveness
    In order to succeed, a salesperson must possess a certain level of competitiveness which allows them to push themselves and others. A competitive nature will give an individual the determination to set goals, exceed expectations and become a top performer. In addition, competitiveness will allow the salesperson to quickly bounce back from failures and prepare for their next opportunity.
  5. Maintain Contact
    A common mistake that many new salespeople make is to lack follow-up procedures, ceasing contact once the deal is made. However, by forming relationships, the salesperson is able to increase the likelihood of a future deal. Common tactics to keep in touch with customers include sending cards, arraigning lunch meetings or sending emails with relevant content. By maintaining constant contact, salespeople are able to make sure that they are on the customer’s mind.

Every salesperson is different, each with their own unique qualities and selling style. However, when examined closely, each great salesperson possesses the general characteristics that allow them to succeed. By keeping the aforementioned characteristics in mind, you and your sales team can exceed expectations and pursue customers with ease.

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