Like Bob Proctor said in a video, The Secret, the Law of Attraction works whether you are aware of it or not. Just like the law of gravity, it rules your life even if you don’t know a law like that exists.

This is my story…

When I woke up this morning, I went over to my bookshelf to return some of the business books I just finished reading.

As I was rearranging my books, I came across my University yearbook, Vet. Class 2009. I picked it up to look at the beautiful faces of my former classmates, but I observed something quite magical as I read through our plans written in the yearbook.

Life is treating everyone of us just the way we asked…

Law of Attraction in Business

I got particularly interested in two columns where we were asked about our plans for the future:

  • Me in 10 years
  • After Vet., what next?

This is only two years after graduation from the University, and we are already gravitating towards what we asked life for.

One of my friends who wrote ‘farmer’ is already running his farm. The one who wrote ‘livestock owner’ is already running a livestock farm. In addition, those who chose research or lecturing are back in school, running their post graduate programs as a prelude to lecturing or research.

There is that particular trend, but that’s not why I wrote this piece.

Most of those who wrote things like ‘whatever comes along’, ‘only God knows’, ‘living a fulfilled life’ etc with no particular plan, are seriously struggling to settle down. Perhaps, the Law of Attraction does not know what to attract to them yet.

What I have learnt is…

Life naturally gravitates toward the kind of things we think about, if we put in the required effort. This law cannot differentiate positive from negative, it just basically brings what you think about or ask life for.

Unfortunately, this law is very brutal; it can cut short a really exciting moment in order to get you closer to what you want. It will force you through very unpleasant experiences required to achieve exactly what you asked for. Yet, it completely ignores you if you are not asking for anything particularly.

Why Good Dreams and Bad Dreams Become Reality

Do you not wonder how good and bad dreams work? What dreams do is help you create a picture of life; when you hold this picture in mind long enough, you will get it. As a result, good dreams can be replicated in real life by holding the picture in mind, and bad dreams will occur in real life if we don’t stop thinking about them.

Business plans work similarly. Many successful business owners talk about the magic caused by their first business plans. A business plan helps you create the picture of what you want from your business. Even if your business has greater potential, you are more likely to get just what you asked for.

So, you can make the Law of Attraction work for you or against you.

If you can create the picture of exactly what you want in your life or business without changing it too often, you will get it sooner than you expect.

Here’s an exercise for those who have made the kind of mistake made by many people – not asking for anything particularly or asking for too little.

  • Spend some time to think about exactly what you want from life – your career, finance, relationships etc. Be sure this is exactly what you want.
  • Think about all the happiness achieving these things will bring to your life. Avoid the temptation of making it ambiguous or asking for too many unrelated things in life.
  • Grab a plain sheet or your diary or something you see quite often, and write what you want from life in simple sentences. If you are using a plain sheet, you have to put it where you will be able to see it regularly.
  • Make sure you write it in the present tense, for example: I am a world-class farmer; my farm produces the best products available and is a model for most farmers.

Now, writing it down as I stated is a very important step.

From my personal experience, what I say with my mouth has a huge tendency of happening; but I find it very difficult to change whatever I have written down.

This happens subconsciously. Every time I pick up my old diaries, I often find out that what is happening to me at the moment was predicted in my own diary.

If you have had similar experiences in your life or business, please share with us in the comment box below. CHEERS.