Consumers are generally called ‘market’ because they are enticed to unique and varied marketing strategies which make them feel that having a business’ particular product or service is a must in life. Especially when a small business uses an 800 phone number and posts it around town and on the Internet, it can surely attract the highest number of consumers because toll free numbers raise one’s credibility from zero to ten.


However, using a toll free number is not the only thing that can help your small business boost your sales this year. Consumer preferences and marketing trends change annually. This 2013, you have to pull up a new marketing gig to remain in the game. There have been forecasts that the three trends discussed below will positively affect small businesses. Read on and catch the most fish in the sea.

First thing you can do is to say good bye to your static and boring business website. Most small businesses set up a website to tell consumers how great an enterprise is. Well, that does not work much nowadays because nobody has the patience to read a 2-page website that says “X company is so great blah blah blah excellent blah blah”. The Internet has taught this generation how to put all things in one glance. That is exactly what your business should do. Stop telling people how great your business is. Instead, make your website a tool to inform them about who you are and what help you can give your consumers. Add more graphics to your website. People love graphics and diagrams that can give them a glimpse about your business yet does not take much of their time. Be sure to add a contact us page to your website. Give them some way to connect to you in order to create and maintain business-client relationship. In relation to maintaining websites, invest a bit to have a responsive website. With everyone having a mobile phone or gadget that can connect to the Internet, it becomes a need for small businesses to have webpages which resize itself depending on the size of the device used. If your budget permits, you can even have a mobile support for your clients.

Second, you must put fresh content to your marketing websites like new articles, graphics, and videos. Create a roadmap for the month to know what aspects of your business you can emphasize on every week. Create as many blog sites as possible and maintain them. Also, establish your SEO or Search Engine Optimization to maximize your presence on the web. Learn as much as you can about SEO especially the dos and don’ts. With everyone on the Internet, increasing the online presence of your business becomes necessary.

Electronic mail has been a long time tool in business communications. Surely, any small business has a repository of emails from consumers in various part of the states or the world. If you do not have a list of emails, you can include a ‘Sign up’ link in your website. Be sure, though, that there will be some freebie from your business that your consumers can enjoy once they sign up to your email list. Sending your promos and discounts to this list can help increase the presence of your small business online.