Let me share a little story.

When I was 17, I went a night club for the first time in my LIFE. (Yes, this was NYC in the 90′s when it was pretty shitty.)

I was a nerdy fat kid


(Ok, this pic was when i was 10′ish.. but you get the idea)

… and this night life thing was completely new and utterly scary.

Kids drinking, smoking, shouting, and of course, dancing.

Yes, I was one of the wall flowers. I wasn’t about to make a fool of myself, obviously.

Then, there she was.. the girl I had a crush on.. on the dance floor, dancing and mesmerizing all the geeks and dorks alike.

My sister ( who was quite the social butterfly ) decides to pull me onto the dance floor… RIGHT into the middle of the “circle” and asked me to dance.

Umm, no. You ain’t dragging me onto that dance floor.


I froze.

I was so scared… people jeering and laughing.. it was probably the most intense 5 seconds of my life up that point.

On top of that, the girl I had a crush on & wanted to impress, got the impression of me being a … well.. a nerdy pimply fat kid.

For about 6 years of my life after that, I had this insane fear of .. dancing.

Any social event that called for any kind of dancing, I would make some lame excuse to not go.

If I did, I would excuse myself to the bathroom or outside quite often, or at least the dancing part of it phased out.

Time to Change

When my grandma was in her death bed, I remember she gave me this piece of advice that burned into my heart – “don’t die with any regrets”.

When I moved to California, one thing I knew i had to conquer was this fear of dancing.

The first class I ever attended was at 24 Hour Fitness. I stood ALL the way in the back so I couldn’t see anything.. and of course, I was a bumbling idiot with zero coordination skills.

Over and over, I tried and tried. Uncoordinated, no rhythm, no agility, no nada.

It was probably the most embarrassing but at the same time, the most courage building thing I’ve ever done other than door to door sales because of a dream I bought into from a “guru”.

In the end, it turned out more than just ok.

I ended up performing all over Bay Area for years (even TA’ing in some classes), got to meet some great friends, and of course, … got the most awesome prize of developing self character.

I remember going to a night club about a decade later since that time, and I showed my sister what I’ve learned over the years, and she was completely in shock that I actually had rhythm.

I conquered my fear of dancing.. and it no longer controlled me.

Just Do It

To conquer something you fear, there is no cure other than to do it.

When I got started in search PPC, I was morbidly afraid of losing money.

I remember one time, my business partner asked me to raise the budget from $500 a day to $5000 a day.

My mind was RACING… “what if I lose money”?

It turned out to be the best thing I did and the money was rolling in.
Be the Beacon of Light

Here’s the interesting thing about fear.

If you conquer your fear, you become “enlightened”.

There’s a word “light” in enlightenment. If you get here, you case your light not only onto yourself, but for others seking it.

I know it sounds hocus / pocus-y, but let me give you a clear example.

Conquer Fear, Take Action, See Results

My mom is in the process of selling her beauty retail business.

After having been in business for 40+ years, it’s time for her to retire.

She is completely old school.. doing things the old way. Pen & paper, old battery powered calculators, point of sale systems that print with dot matrix printers… i mean old school.

Of course, to sell her business, she did it the traditional way..ask around and of course, get a business broker who charges anywhere between 10 to 15% of the entire transaction amount.

She couldn’t find buyers, so she kept slashing her price tens of thousands of dollars every month until she had a buyer… who of course, backed out last minute.

I suggested that we try online advertising. It might cost a couple of dollars per click, but at least we’ll get some kind of response.

Of course, her lizard brain tells her that there’s no freakin’ possible way it’s gonna work.. blah blah blah.

After less than $300 in spend, she’s now in negotiations with a buyer who’s willing to pay for the entire price she is asking.

(Click on the image to see the larger image of the ad)

Her $300 investment (which I paid for) will result in TENS of thousands of dollars in sale. Here’s the best part: if you bid nationally for “business for sale” and related keywords, you pay anywhere between $5 to as much as $25 per click.

Because I was hyper local and hyper targeted, my CPCs were under $1.

I would’ve never known that unless I actually RAN the campaign.

Imagine, if she listened to her lizard brain… if she operated out of her fear, she would not be getting what she truly deserved.

Ask yourself this.

Is YOUR fear preventing you from getting what you truly deserve?

I’m no Yoda.. I’m no Confucius.. I’m no Buddha.

But all I do know is this.. if you are afraid or feel uncomfortable, you should probably do it anyway