Teeks For Geeks TruScribeWe’re always advocates for sharing knowledge so others can learn new things and expand their skills. That’s why we were so impressed with Teeks for Geeks, the self-proclaimed ultimate social learning haven for geeks around the world.

Geek Out

Teeks for Geeks is an online, cloud-powered social network platform where people with various tech knowledge and experience levels can go to learn, train, collaborate, and share knowledge about coding, networking, and IT expertise. It is broken down into two different groups of geeks – the trainees and the gurus. Gurus share their vast knowledge through mini courses of study, called Teeks, with the trainees so they can learn a new skill.

While many Teeks are free, there are also premium courses that you can choose to buy – allowing Gurus to earn money. Trainees can also set up a wish list so others can purchase the premium courses for them. Teeks for Geeks offers a unique self-paced and self-evaluating way of learning with Guru Mate, a software that provides tips and hints along your learning journey so you will never feel stuck. Geeks are also able to collaborate through different social features, like Facebook and Twitter.

Sharing the Experience

With their unique approach, our Teeks for Geeks comrades are easily identifiable with our TruScribe team. We, like the Gurus, bring our already established experience to people new to our whiteboard scribing process. We’ve created more than 160 hand-drawn videos, making us the most experienced video scribing company to date – which means we’ve worked on more scripts, topics, video scribing methods, and launches than anyone else. Take a look at our process to see more about how our experience benefits you.