fruit and vegtablesThere is a saying that goes like this “That person sure knows their onions!”

It means they know what they are doing and that perfectly describes a website I recently discovered (and immediately became a customer of!).

OK, I admit it. I grow my own vegetables.

The website I discovered was all about growing your own vegetables. A passion of mine and I could write a whole blog post about the similarities between growing veg and growing a business (in fact I think I will – so watch this space).

However the point of today’s blog post is I want to show you how one company have created a very clever website to support an equally clever business model.

The website I’m referring to is

This website is worth your attention because it very cleverly tailors to its target market and it has a clever business model that allows it to up sell to it’s customers.

It’s a simple website that allows you to plan out your vegetable patch. When you arrive at the website there is a very clear, easy to watch video that explains exactly how to use their planner. You are encouraged to try the software for free for 30 days. That’s plenty of time to plan out your veg patch, so it’s a very powerful hook to get your email address (which you need to give them to sign up for your free trial).

Once you register, it’s a really easy to use drag and drop set up. It also has some very nice features that help the would be gardener to work out which vegetables should go where based on what grows well next to each other and in what conditions, etc. It’s amazingly easy to get absorbed into the process of planning out your veg patch and before you know it you have a plan that you do not want to lose! So now you are tempted to buy so that you can keep your plan.

A years subscription is only $25 (yes you can buy it in pounds, euros. etc).

The beauty is that if you buy then when you design next years patch it will remember what you planted where and help you to avoid planting the same crops onto the same soil. Also you get regular emails throughout the year reminding you what needs to be done on your vegetable patch. Suddenly it’s become indispensable!

However the business model get’s even more ingenious. They have included links fr the vegetables you choose that take you straight to suppliers of those seeds. I bet those are affiliate links, so that’s a very clever up sell.

What’s more, now that they have my email address I fully expect to get email offers for various gardening promotions. If they are really clever they will have a method of identifying people based on the vegetables they are growing according to the plan they have created and they can then send out very specific advertising based on the needs of the gardener for that specific crop.

Talk about know your customer!!

So, think about your business. Are there any ideas here that you could use?