The Advantages of Multilingual Communication in Business

In global, multicultural organisations, simply expecting all employees to speak one common language, such as English, marginalises the potential impact of international talent and leaves monolingual staff ill-equipped to help the organisation compete effectively in a globalised environment[1].

The ability to speak several languages is a great asset to any business. Over 50% of companies take languages into account when recruiting.

However, it is estimated that 1 in 8 UK companies has lost business due to language barriers caused by lack of language competency.

According to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (a business research unit of the Economist magazine) 64% of senior executives said language barriers have negatively affected their plans to expand internationally.

Having multilingual capability in place in your organisation can open up many benefits, including:

  • Communicating with customers and prospects outside of the UK
  • Communicating with suppliers, vendors and business partners outside of the UK
  • Establishing a brand presence in foreign or emerging markets
  • Providing consistent customer service in multiple languages
  • Thriving in a competitive globalised business environment

Although not well-known for its multilingual capability, Scotland’s language skills are flourishing. Scotland has a significant talent pool of 109,000 fluent language speakers. Fluent linguists in Scotland tend to be both younger and better educated than those in the rest of the UK as a whole (74% of fluent speakers in Scotland are educated to degree level or above, compared with 57% across the UK as a whole).

Hence, inward investors and exporting companies have access to a highly skilled talent pool.

Scotland offers ample resources in the four key Western European business languages – French, German, Italian and Spanish. Eastern European and Asian languages are also significantly represented and of growing relevance as these regions develop.

Scotland also produces almost 3000 language graduates each year.

In the culturally exciting and thriving city of Glasgow, Bellcom Worldwide attracts a rich talent pool of native linguists, who are experienced in carrying out business development and customer relationship management across a variety of sectors.

International team members can carry out fully integrated inbound sales services, as well as multilingual lead generation to help your business exceed performance targets and allow for your sales pipeline to flourish.

Multilingual outsourcing services cover:

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Outbound Sales
  • Account Management
  • Inbound Sales & Service
  • Email Marketing
  • Consultancy

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[1] Forbes Insights 2011