If you’re running a small business and actively participating in Inbound Marketing, which you must be by reading this blog, you’re already getting ahead of the competition. Congratulations! With the help of industry professionals, you know you’re supposed to be creating new digital content, collecting information in exchange for offers, and gaining new customers. However, as a small business owner or manager, it is typical that your time is filled with the day-to-day running of the company and there isn’t much left over for responding back to potential client inquiries. The drawback to new inquiries though is just that, they are JUST inquires. The entire point of inbound marketing is in the next step: closing the loop on these Leads to turning them into customers. Often, that can be more difficult than it seems.
People who inquire about your company and give you their information, such as name and email address, are known as Leads in Inbound Marketing. They are telling you they’re interested in you and what you have to offer. So, how do you turn these Leads into new clients? It’s all about showing value in what you are offering and how you can specifically help them. The biggest things that stop people from making a new purchase is their time and money. It’s your job to show them why what you have to offer is well worth both! After all, they’re already telling you they’re in the market for your service or product, you need to prove to them that your company is the best place for them to get it.


Feel the Need for Speed

When a prospective customer fills out an online form, they anticipate a quick response to their request. Once a Lead is validated (which should be within 24 hours), immediately reach out to them. You will find you are more successful in catching these Leads still being in the mood to talk about your brand and services the sooner you reach out. This also demonstrates your responsiveness to them and their needs. Treat every Lead like someone has walked into your physical office. You wouldn’t make them sit and wait a day or two, you’d greet them right away. This mentality goes a long way toward building a relationship and closing the sale.

Show Your Value
When responding to a Lead, your main goal is to show them exactly what you can do for them and what they will get out of choosing you over the other guys. Know what you’re going to say ahead of time. If it’s a phone call, don’t just call to chat. Remember, most people are hesitant with giving up their time, so let them know exactly what will be accomplished during a free quote or conversation. If you sense money is holding them back, make sure they know how a purchase will be of value to them and how putting off the purchase will end up costing them more in the future. This is sometimes easier to do in an email, but make sure you’re using the communication methods best suited for your Buyer Personas and potential customers. Millennials don’t want a lengthy phone conversation in the middle of a work day and Baby Boomers won’t trust an email from an unknown address.


Ask About and Respond to Their Specific Needs
Not all Leads were created equal! Some Leads may be hesitant to continue in the path towards being a customer because they are not sure if it will be a good fit for their unique situation. To overcome this, ask specific questions about their pains and what may be holding them back from getting through it. For example, if someone tells you they are having a hard time dieting but are hesitant about purchasing a meal plan program from you because they aren’t sure they’ll stick with it, you don’t need to focus your consultation on the benefits of a healthy diet or even that your company offers a lower price than the rest. You can instead discuss how your company helps keep your clients on track with weekly weigh-ins, free support and advice, and the ability to connect with others in the same journey through social media. The more you know about them as a unique individual, the better you will be able to explain which services you offer that best suit them.

A Lead is not someone you need to convince of their problem. They already know they need a plumber to fix their sink; they just don’t know who it should be. The most difficult part of the Buyer’s Journey is over, so don’t let your Leads go unnoticed and unanswered. They want to hear from you!

Remember, you won’t close every Lead every time, so the more Leads you are able to get, the better. If you’re having a hard time getting these inquiries, or if you aren’t getting the right people for your services, Mariposa can help you use your blog and other digital content to start drawing customers in. Download our free eBook The 30 Greatest Lead Gen Tips, Tricks & Ideas right now. This eBook will help you get started with Lead generation, as well as optimizing your efforts going forward.