trend spotting, survey reports, survey softwareGood survey software collates your results and allows you to build insightful reports. With these tools at your disposal, there is virtually no end to the number of ways you can interpret and present your data. Great reports and visualisations can make all the difference in getting your survey results across to your intended audience, in ways that are simple yet meaningful.


Getting around to analysing the results of your survey can be a long time coming, as first you need to organise the results into a tangible representation. Your survey software can help you to filter the data and build your reports with ease.

One of the great benefits of building a good, clear report is the ability to identify trends in the data. Are certain age groups responding similarly or is there a difference of opinion between genders? All this will become clear in your report as soon as you begin working with your data.


Representing your data in creative visual formats is a great way to get your information across. A simple bar chart may be enough to highlight some evident growth rather than risking having your audience miss the main point by showing the data in a table instead. It’s also great material for press releases or information campaigns; an effective way to get information across that is clear and easily read.

Organising your information in your reports will make your analysis and any further research progress much quicker. Without getting distracted sifting through numbers, you can launch straight into the next phase of your project with clear, concise data to back you up.


Having your reports downloaded and filed after your market research provides you with great reference material for future projects. At a glance you can compare, contrast and identify changes in your research results over time. You can establish a clear benchmark for future research with easily accessible references.

Your reports can act as milestones in your marketing campaign by knowing how you stood when you started out and then seeing how far you’ve come. You’ll have a clear indication of what has improved and what stayed the same, all in a format that makes it easy to revisit at any time and get the main message straight away.

Report building is made easy with your survey software and well designed reports make reaching your conclusions easier too. With clear visualisations and tangible, accessible data you can start to analyse and progress quicker than ever before.  Trends form in front of your very eyes, growth figures jump off the screen and you have strong, rich information to base your business decisionmaking on..

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