Whats Transcreation?

The term ‘transcreation’, a combination of translation and re-creation, isn’t yet a mainstream term but its significance is increasing at a fast pace owing to globalization. The term transcreation means recreating a text for a target audience in a way that is appropriate and relevant for them. It follows the same style and structure as the original text but the target text is created to reflect the emotion, feeling or sentiment of the original copy in a natural linguistic way. Transcreation requires a lot of creativity and linguists performing this task should have excellent knowledge of both the source and target language to be effective in their work.

Why use Transcreation?

Transcreation is primarily used for marketing and advertising copies. The on-going focus on targeting international consumer bases by companies has resulted in increased demand for this service. Companies are competing with local and international rivals and the added channels of marketing like online social networks have driven the need for succinct and engaging communication. Transcreation gives a company competitive edge by helping them target their customers more effectively.

Translation is not always appropriate especially when you consider the source content which is often in English. The source content is written for a specific audience and a literal translation, which is often the case for many translation projects, results in ineffective copy being created for the target audience. Trancreation allows effective rendering of content and this is very useful for certain industries, e.g. life sciences where information on medication dosage has to be concise and direct. This service allows life sciences form to ensure that the correct instructions are created that meet local regulatory requirements and practices.

Meaningful connection with an audience is what matters and in the globally connected world, the need for real time communication is vital. Transcreation is the answer for such communication because it resonates with the local audience and develops a strong connection between local elements and the company which utilizes it. As foreign language web consumers demand locally relevant content, using this service will ensure correct communication strategy from the start.

The web is undergoing rapid changes with more multilingual content being created for web users. Translation isn’t effective when the source content has been written for a specific audience. Transcreation is a necessity for companies which want to target a foreign market audience in the best possible way.