The clock is ticking. You’re counting on this year’s Season of Giving to help you hit those lofty 2012 charitable gift goals that seemed so reasonable last December when you were working on your 2012 budget. You’re not alone. Network for Good reported that last year, 1/3 of annual giving happened in December, and lots of organizations receive up to 70% of the charitable gifts they receive each year in the fourth quarter.

Looking for a little help to make that happen? The right tools can make a huge difference. Check out these tools and services that are designed for nonprofits to make it totally easy for supporters to donate to your cause, and even easier for you organization to evaluate successes and maximize each gift.

Razoo: Razoo is a goldmine for any organization searching for fundraising ideas. One of Razoo’s popular tools is a Facebook Donation App that can easily be embedded into your organization’s Facebook page so that your fans can donate through Facebook. The app is free to use, easy to install, and organizations are only charged a small percentage per transaction.

  • HEPdata: Use HEPdata’s E-Match Donor Link to make it easy for your donors to determine whether or not their employer will match their gift by allowing them to check their match status online. E-Match Donor also allows you to track and monitor usage of the donor link. Some organizations report that they’ve doubled their matching revenues simply by using E-Match Donor Link!
  • Snoball: Inspire a new generation of donors to incorporate giving into their daily lives by allowing people to set up automatic donations that are triggered by events or specific actions. Your nonprofit can receive micro-donations every time someone’s favorite sports team wins a game or whenever they check in to their favorite coffee shop on Foursquare. There are no set up fees and no monthly charges.
  • mGive: mGive makes mobile fundraising easy. If you’re interested in raising money through text message donations, mGive makes setting up your campaign, keyword, and short code painless, and they collect the funds for you from the cell phone carriers. They also offer reporting and management tools.

What about SheerID? Well we’re glad you asked.

With SheerID’s member engagement reporting, nonprofits who partner with corporate sponsors can not only get useful information about how many people participate in a cause marketing campaign, they can also collect email addresses or other contact information, making it possible for the organization to follow up with campaign participants and convert them into members, send them campaign updates, or request further support.

If that sounds like a holiday dream come true, don’t just scribble it on to your wish list. Give us a call.