Team CollaborationSmall and medium-sized businesses have a number of tools and techniques at their disposal that they can use to develop collaboration initiatives. No matter what marketplace your SMB is in, chances are good that you need to be nimble and adaptable in order to remain relevant and profitable. This is why collaboration is so key, as it enables your organization to work together as a fine-tuned machine, operating toward the completion of common goals.

But, what does collaboration even mean in a tangible sense? And assuming you can come up with a common definition, how do you go about achieving it? While every business will need to define what collaboration is for themselves, one key trait is common in just about everyone’s ideal of this goal: transparency. True collaboration can only occur when everyone else knows what each other is doing and what they’re dealing with.

Top tips and techniques for tackling transparency
Fostering complete transparency may be an unattainable pipe dream for your small business, but when armed with a quality business phone system, there are a few key steps you can take to put your organization closer toward this goal:

1) Establish regular meetings
One of the easiest ways to make sure that everyone knows what everyone else is up to at any given moment is to sit down and chat about plans in a more formal matter. Although regular weekly or monthly meetings may seem like a drag at times, they provide key stakeholders with the perfect opportunity to discuss their projects and what’s on their minds. Having a regular set time established via a conferencing solution is often the easiest and most effective way to get this done.

2) Allow calls and voicemails to be accessed from anywhere
Historically, one of the biggest impediments to transparency efforts has been that it could only happen when every team member was in a room together. For sales associates and others who are on the road frequently, trying to coordinate this kind of meeting was next to impossible. Thanks to rise in solutions like cloud computing, however, anyone can chat and collaborate from any location and at anytime, making transparency a much more likely reality. In addition, next-generation business VoIP solutions that are based in the cloud allow you to answer a phone line and voicemails from any physical space and via any device, meaning that distance is no longer an excuse to not collaborate.

3) Make the business phone system super easy to use
One of the biggest mistakes firms can make is adopting technology and thinking it will lead to tons of benefits without keeping end-user needs in mind. Business phone solutions can go a long way toward making an office more transparent and collaborative, but if employees find it too difficult to leverage the most vital features, then they will go unused.

4) Incorporate a diverse set of technologies
Business telephone communication remains the cornerstone of transparency and collaboration, but that does not mean it is the only technology available that can further these goals. A full unified communication suite can boost an office phone system’s ROI, making the company as a whole much more efficient.

Of course, these are only four of the many benefits that transparency-inducing technology can provide. To learn more about the positive attributes of business VoIP and other similar solutions, contact a Fonality representative today!