Top Earning Freelance Jobs in 2021 You Need To Know About

The only good thing the COVID-19 pandemic brought is the introduction of flexibility in the traditional workspace. The pandemic forced companies, small and large, to adopt remote work, simultaneously giving rise to freelance jobs. According to a recent report, there was a 22% increase in freelance earnings in 2020 compared to that of 2019. Further, another study found freelancers tend to like their work more than full-time employees. With that in mind, here are the top-earning freelance jobs in 2021 for all those looking for well-paying alternatives to traditional employment.

Software Development and Programming

If you are a skilled coder, you can expect to make around $35 USD per hour as a freelance coder. Amid the pandemic, all companies have had to switch to a digital framework, making programming one of the world’s most in-demand jobs. If you are skilled in SQL, C+, Java, JavaScript, Python coding, etc., you should consider going freelance.

App Developers

App developers are in demand for pretty much the same reason as coders and programmers. All businesses that are going digital will have to optimize their website for mobile, including creating and developing mobile applications. You can expect to earn around $80 USD per hour working as a mobile app developer.

Project Managers

When businesses transition to remote work, they need skilled project managers who can oversee the transition phase and ensure smooth progress and training of each and every remote employee. The breaking away from a traditional office space offers freelance project managers new job opportunities. You can expect to earn around $26 USD per hour.

Video Marketing

You’d think video marketing would fall under digital marketing, but no, it is a niche category that is considered a separate skill. Video marketing is actually quite complicated as it involves optimizing the video for different platforms; the requirements for each can be quite challenging to keep in mind. The marketer will also have to optimize it for the Search Engine as it can help businesses gain visibility and develop an edge over their competition. Videographers and marketers make around $30 USD per hour.

Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants have the responsibility of ensuring all systems run smoothly. With everything going online, their job is becoming even more complex but also absolutely essential for businesses; thus, the high demand and high pay. As an administrative assistant, you will have to look after the daily business activities, handle clients, handle social media, among other activities. You can expect to earn around $21 USD per hour.


The paradigm shift in the corporate culture across the world has left many in shock as to where to turn to. A substantial number of people lost their jobs and found themselves stranded as to what to do next. Online career and management consultants jumped to the rescue for many helping them find stable and sustainable sources of earning through freelance work.

Your per-hour earning will vary by your field, but IT specialists can earn up to $75 USD per hour or even more. Thus, online consultants’ demand grew, too, making it one of the top-earning freelance jobs in 2021.

End Note

All figures mentioned here are tentative figures for professionals working in the industry. The actual per hour earning varies by the number of clients, and how much you charge your clients. If you want to start as a freelancer, start in the right direction. These are some of the top-earning freelance jobs in 2021 that will help you earn a substantial amount even in the pandemic.