Using some sort of office automation platforms is one of the biggest trends of the IT industry. No matter whether you are associated with SMBs or large scale enterprises, you must have come across questions like how do you handle tasks such as business payroll and bookkeeping and how can you automate more in order to free up resources and reduce the operational cost? If you are busy asking these questions, let me tell you that you are not alone. There are many entrepreneurs and customers who are worried over these issues every single day. The reason for this is quite simple as it’s always a difficult task for the entrepreneurs to make time for every single task. This is why they consider investing in competent office automation platforms. These tools basically help automate their day, which, in turn, allow them to grow their business.

If you are not sure regarding which tool to invest in, here are top five office automation tools that you can rely on –

  1. Quickbooks Online – This is a cloud based solution which is quite affordable. For most of the small businesses, it’s just enough to get a tool that lets them perform all the actions with ease and store all the crucial information securely. With a tool like this, you can take charge of multiple actions. This lets you focus on all the actions better as you don’t have to keep multiple tools in sync.
  2. RicohDocs – This is a state of the art office automation platform which is equipped with modules and features that enable you to automate all the business processes. Mobile application, document management, process automation, records management, hot folder, barcode integration and MS Office integration are the modules that you can access while using this advanced office automation platform.
  3. Calendly – Just as the name suggests, this tool helps you schedule appointments in an organized way. This is basically a tool that lets you automate your calendar. If you are a dedicated Gmail user, the best tool that you can use for scheduling appointments is Calendly. This tool simply allows you to manage your calendar on your own terms and also keep a track of the scheduled meetings.
  4. Rescue Time – True to its name, this automation tools helps you learn how to save time from your super busy schedule and how to use that in a more effective way. Once you install this in your machine, it gives you a summary of all the activities as well as the break down time that you have spent on different projects and websites. This app gives you an idea regarding how you spend each day so that you can optimize your day better.
  5. AcuityComplete Bookkeeping is one of the most important, yet least preferred tasks on the lists of most of the entrepreneurs. After all, being entrepreneurs, their job is to focus on how to grow the business, and not on managing the everyday tedious tasks like updating the books at regular intervals. This advanced tool helps you in different tasks like managing payrolls, bill payment or transaction management.

These are the top five reliable office automation platforms that every entrepreneur should know about.